Netflix App – Download Netflix App for Android, PC, iPhone

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As we all know, movies are one of the most widespread forms of entertainment. There are movie platforms where you can watch or access thousands of unlimited movies and tv series to watch either on the website or the mobile app. Netflix is one the biggest movie entertaining streaming services that offer instant access to thousands of original Netflix series on mobile. Introducing the Netflix app which comes with the same easy-to-use feature as the Netflix online website to access to watch unlimited movies and tv series. Also, one feature of the Netflix app is that the app is easier and faster to access and open than the Netflix website. This app has a lot to offer, discover them by reading further what it entails and how to download the app.

Netflix App - Download Netflix App for Android, PC, iPhone

Netflix app is available on any apps store on your mobile device and also on your windows but not on your mac and other desktop devices. The app is light, does not take much space on your device, and is free to download. But the steps on how to download are different. Netflix app has lots of amazing features too that you really need to know about and all of that would be stated for you in this article.

Features of Netflix app

According to statistics, Netflix is the top most widely used movie streaming service where you can download and stream unlimited original Netflix series. The Netflix app is built with a simple-to-use interface where you can easily search or come across movies to watch. Majorly, the app built for the convenience of users to access movies and tv series anywhere, anytime. Others include the following;

  • New tv shows and movies
  • You can have maximum of five profiles for an account.
  • Entertain your family, kids and friends
  • Get notifications for new episodes
  • Free download to your device for later streaming

Aside from the features listed above, there are still more features of the Netflix app to be discovered. Therefore, the only way to discover them is by trying out the app. Goodnews, the app can be downloaded on any device which includes your windows, android, and iOS.

How to Download the Netflix App

The Netflix app not only downloadable on the mobile device but it can also downloadable on your pc device. However, for new Netflix users, some steps by which you can follow listed for you on all devices. Therefore, you can follow any of them to download on any device of your choice. Here are the steps below;

For Mobile Device

  1. Using your mobile device app store
  2. Locate the app
  3. Click on the install or Get button.

For Windows

  1. Open your Microsoft store
  2. Search for the Netflix application
  3. Click on the app from the results
  4. Then click on the get button

The Netflix app is however only available for windows and mobile devices. Therefore, for other desktop devices, visit the website to stream and download movies. For mobile devices and windows users, you can now sign in or sign up and start streaming or downloading your movies.