Netflix App Download – Download Netflix for Android & iPhone Free

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Are you the type that loves watching movies, Tv shows, or series movies and looking for movie updates? I have come out with an article “Netflix App Download” that will give you all your request. Have you heard of Netflix US before? Netflix US is an online platform where you can watch a lot of movies online and also stream movies to watch later on your system or device. Netflix US is all about US (united states) movies. The Netflix app is the most comfortable platform where you can instantly watch movies and tv series.

Netflix App Download - Download Netflix for Android & iPhone Free

The Netflix App Download platform gives free offers to their members or user that are new to the platform for one month (30 days). After the 30 days free offer, you can now start paying on the platform to get new updates of movies, entertainment shows, and more. so, they made it very necessary to make the payment when you are signing up to the Netflix platform. To make it easy for users to make them access the platform when the free 30 days offers are over. So, you don’t need to make any payment when the free 30-days offer is over.

Countries Where Netflix App Accessible

The Netflix US is not accessible in some countries. I am going to list out some of the countries where you can access the Netflix US platform. The platform also has an app that you can download.

  • Netflix is allowed in the United Kingdom.
  • In Germany.
  • It is also used in Finland.
  • Is accessible in Australia.
  • Also, in the Netherlands.
  • The Netflix platform works in Sweden.
  • In Denmark.
  • Netflix is in Canada.
  • Norway.
  • The united states also use Netflix.

This is the list of some countries that use the Netflix platform. They are also countries that can’t make use of the Netflix platform. This includes China and also the Netflix platform is not available in North Korea and syria

How to Download Netflix app download App

Follow this step to download the Netflix app to your system or device.

  • Open any app stores on your system or device.
  • Click on the search bar and type in Netflix.
  • Tap on the letter “red N” app and click install.

This is how you can download the Netflix app from any of the app stores that you are making use of.

How to Download Movies on Netflix

The only way you can download movies on Netflix is through the Netflix app. you can’t download movies on Netflix website. So, you need to download the Netflix app first. Download the app with the steps shown above this article. if you want to download movies on Netflix follow the step below.

  • Open the Netflix app after downloading.
  • Sign in your account.
  • Click on the menu icon at the top of the screen.
  • Click on the available for download and choose the show or movie you want to download.
  • Hip the download button that looks like an arrow icon close to the movie.

This is how you can download movies on Netflix app.

How to Sign Up on Netflix

Is very important to sign up on Netflix because without an account you can’t access the platform, enjoy the free offers or download movies on the Netflix app. The guidelines below will show you how you can create an account on the platform.

  • Open the web browser on your system or device and visit on the search engine.
  • Click try 30 days free button on the page and choose a plan
  • Enter your email address and a password.
  • Choose a payment method e.g. credit or debit card or PayPal.
  • Click continue when you are through.

The steps above will give you the right direction on how you can create an account on netflix.