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Nairaland is rated as one of the biggest online communities (forum) in Nigeria.  This platform is well known for its forums where users can share and talk about various issues. online portal was established in March 2005 by Seun Osewa to help Nigerians interact with one another. The Nairaland forum hosts different symposiums on which its members interact and share views on selected topics. It offers the latest news trends ranging from entertainment, science/technology, and general reviews with an option for users to create an account. A Wikipedia review has shown that it has over 1.8 million users who have successfully created accounts on the platform.


Nairaland enables millions of people to create amazing posts each day. it enables people to know the latest information about their favorite celebrities, and politicians and discuss it with interested users. However, to be a part of the Nairaland family, you need to join. To join the Nairaland forum you need an email address and your personal details. Once you create an account/join you will be able to have access to comment on any post of your choice. In fact, they are no limits to the things you can do on the platform. Do you want to know more about Nairaland and how you can sign up? well, just follow this article to the very end.

Get started on by signing up and keeping your social spirit aloft. I call this portal jack of all trades, it covers it all. Create an account and post trends however the content of your post needs to be approved otherwise it will be deleted if the content is malicious.

Read information updates and gossip on a wide number of topics, buy, sell, meet and chat with people from every part of the country. Ask questions and its members are always more than ready to give useful answers. Its members work as a team, no wonder it is rated as one of the distinctive communities for discussions.

More about Nairaland Forum

Quality, authentic news, updates, how-to (s), advice, suggestions, school of thought, and lots more. these are all coupled and laid out to users’ comprehension. All its activity statistics are refreshed at intervals as various users visit and upload new topics on the forum. For users who are visiting this platform for the first time, they can always set up an account on the main menu section and visit other categories such as:

  • Trending.
  • Recent.
  • New.

These are the various category sections on the main menu where users can easily browse for other categories. There are other classifications and topics that are on by registered users such as Nairaland / General, Entertainment, Science/Technology. There are other subcategories under each of these listed categories.

Nairalanders, as its members are tagged, are never bored. The only word I would substitute for this platform is “enlightenment” for that’s what it basically does to its users. Users get to ask questions as regards issues and get them resolved by other users on the Nairaland Forum. Meet your dream guy and lady on nairaland dating section. You never can tell if the dude you just shoved his comment on a post to his face is the man you walking down the aisle with.

There are also updates such as the latest jobs in Nigeria, the latest Nigeria news, today’s Nigeria news, and much more. Various sections feature numerous links. Some of these sections are namely: health, fashion, job searches, computers & programming, gadgets, literature, media, business, travel, career, Auto romance, and education to mention a few.

Join Nairaland | Sign Up

The admin of this platform designed the community to be user-friendly so members’ can activate it easily. Nonetheless, users that are willing to register can use these guidelines to start on Nairaland.

  1. Launch your preferred web browser and enter the URL on the address bar section.
  2. Click on Join Nairaland right below the bold Nairaland Forum icon.
  3. Enter your email address and click on submit.
  4. Login to your email and click on the activation link sent to your mailbox to complete your registration.
  5. enter a username and password of your choice and click on the join Nairaland icon.

Click on edit profile, fill in details, and update. You are just in time! Enjoy your tour. Users don’t need to register before accessing the basic info but are restricted to premium features on this platform. Users can also install Nairaland Forum official app on their devices from Google Play Store. Launches the portal and instantly notifies users whenever the homepage is updated. To log in is also very easy, just visit the website and enter your valid username and password. After that, you will be given access to your account.

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