Having a relationship partner is a blissful thing. But how do I get one? There are so many ways by which a relationship partner can be gotten. One of which is through online dating platforms. Naijaplanet is an online dating site that is definitely easy to access and fun. If you are seeking a serious and romantic relationship within Nigeria and other countries but the website is mainly for Nigerians though it still welcomes others to its site for finding a partner. On the Naijaplanet dating site, you get to meet single Nigerian men or women who are also single and are in search of a serious relationship partner.

Naijaplanet - Dating Sites For Nigerian | Naijaplanet Sign up

Furthermore, the Naijaplanet dating site is a medium for online communication which connects you to interesting people who are interested and open to friendship and building of relationships which could eventually lead to marriage. However, Naija planet cannot be accessed without first processing the Naija planet sign up which is a registration process that requires some of your personal information. If you are interested in getting a partner from the Naija planet, visit the website to process your sign up with the steps that would be listed for you below.

Naijaplanet Sign up

The Naijaplanet sign up process cannot be done by just anyone as it is age-restricting. The Naijaplanet sign up only processed by individuals from the age of 18 and above. Here are steps by which you can process the Naija planet sign up below;

  1. Visit the Naija planet website @ https://naijaplanet.com/
  2. Click on the join and start dating button on the web page
  3. A form would be shown to you still on the page
  4. Enter the information required of you correctly
  5. Then click on the join button to proceed to the next step.
  6. Click on the link sent to your email address that you have put in during registration to activate your account.

Wondering what the information required? Important information about you needed when processing the Naija planet sign up. Set up a little about your profile and give you alternatives of the people interested in within your age group. After processing the Naijaplanet sign up, it is necessary that you also process the Naijaplanet sign in which directs you straight to your account when next you want to access the Naija planet dating site.

Naijaplanet Sign in

The Naijaplanet sign in, an important step or process after creating a Naija planet account. However, you should know that the Naijaplanet sign in/ login access only to those that create an account with Naijaplanet. Therefore, if you already have a Naija planet account, follow these steps to sign in to your account;

  • Visit the Naija planet website @ https://naijaplanet.com/
  • Click on the login page situated at the top page of the website
  • Enter your email and your password and click on the login button.

You can also process your Naijaplanet sign in via the use of Facebook. Simply by clicking on the log in via the Facebook link and providing the information required of you. After your sign in is complete, start building up your profile page and making choices. By adding who you want to interact and build a relationship with.

Does Naija planet have an App?

The Naija planet does not have an app. But checking your app store, other dating apps which are related to the Naijaplanet dating site are available. To access and get a partner on Naija planet, you should visit the Naija planet website @ https://naijaplanet.com/. Instead to sign up, sign in and get a partner to start a relationship with.