Do you have an account with N2Y and you don’t exactly know how to log in to your account? Relax, we’ve got you covered; you can read through this article to learn the step-by-step method on how to log in to your N2Y Account. In the meantime, N2Y which stands for “News- 2-You” is an online-based platform that provides standard-based academic content. This includes skill-based learning activities, self-regulation solutions, communications tools, and more to help students improve their learning. In addition, N2Y login can be accessed by teachers who work with students with unique learning needs and are using a modified curriculum.

N2Y Login - N2Y Login for Students | News2you Login

Meanwhile, News-2 –You (N2Y) is free to make use of and you can sign up for a free student or a teacher account to engage in relevant current events topics and more. After successfully signing up for an account, you can log in to your N2Y Account anytime and any day. To log in to your N2Y account, you will need to enter the email address connected to your News- 2 – You account or your username and password. Note that; it is entirely impossible to access the www login page without registering for an account. And that is why it is important to sign up for an account with the platform before you can access its sign in page.

How Do I Login to N2Y?

As mentioned, once you have your Login credentials which include; your N2Y email address or username and password; you can sign in to your account. Signing in to N2Y is quite easy to go about but there are steps to follow.  On the contrary, N2Y has two different sign in pages; there is a login page for students and a login page for teachers.  You can check out the next outline for a comprehensive explanation and step to follow

N2Y Teacher Login

 If you have a Teacher account with N2Y, you can sign in to your account by following the steps and guidelines below;

You can also sign in to your N2Y Teacher account using Google or Microsoft. Note that; you must have linked your N2Y Teacher account with Google or Microsoft to use this sign in method.

N2Y Student Login

 Meanwhile, if you have a Student Account with N2Y, you can also log in to your account using your correct login credentials. Here are the steps and guidelines to follow to access N2Y Student sign in page;

  • Open your PC web browser
  • Click on this link to visit N2Y Student Sign in page
  • On the login page
  • Enter your username 
  • Also, enter your password
  • Then, hit the SIGN IN ICON

Should your N2Y Login credentials be correct, you will automatically be logged in to your N2Y Student account.  Note; you can also login to your student account by scanning the QR Code or through your Google or Microsoft account.