My Status on Facebook – Update Facebook Latest Version | Facebook Status

Most of us who make use of WhatsApp, know already about the Status feature. Facebook recently included a new feature to the platform. The feature is called Facebook stories or Facebook Status. It is an amazing feature that helps Facebook users express themselves any time they want to on the platform. Facebook timeline enables you to post any content of your choosing so long as it does not go against Facebook terms and conditions. They include posting photos, videos, links and write-ups.

My Status on Facebook - Update Facebook Latest Version | Facebook Status

Facebook gives us the user’s advantage that we cannot find on other social media platforms. Most social media platform always make an update to make sure their platform is in good shape, but Facebook does a lot better. Facebook always make sure to include update that will give user better and experience and more fun on the platform or bring more people to the platform. And I know that if you have made use of Facebook before you should be able to attest to that.

How to Update Your Facebook Status

The platform gets more and better every day. First you have the timeline, now stories we should probably expect more in future. Steps on how to update your timeline is stated below:

  • Open your Facebook account
  • Go to the timeline at the top of the page with create post option
  • Add the post you want to add and that is it.

There are some extra amazing Features on Facebook Status that makes it much better. It includes

  • Tag events
  • Insert emojis
  • Feel/activity
  • Tag friends
  • Sticker etc.

Facebook Stories

Facebook stories are new features on Facebook that help users express themselves each day. Each stories posted last for just 24 hours before it is removed.You can share photos, video, links and even write ups on Facebook stories. There is no specific number how many stories you can upload, so feel free to upload as much as you want to.