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Mp3clan is a website that enables, users, to listen to any music online and also download it to your mobile phone or computer. You can listen to any song online with the aid of mp3clan either classical music, hip-hop music, blues, and so on. Once you log on to their website you are allowed to listen to any song online and download it for free.


Note that you have to be connected to the internet to be able to do so. At your leisure time you can just pick your phone and log on to mp3clan to enjoy music. You really don’t need to have all songs on your phone before you can listen to your favorite songs. Mp3clan gives you access to listen to music online and download the song to your phone or computer.

Features of Platform

Mp3clan makes life easier for everyone to enjoy whatever song they want to listen to. In case you don’t have the song in your music library. You just go online and listen to on mp3clan or download it after listening to the song. The song is always there for you to listen to and download anytime, any day you feel like listening to it.

Mp3clan helps you get updated about the new album of your favorite artist and get you more updated daily. The more you visit mp3 clan web portal the more updated you become and stay connected. Get all your mp3 by visiting web portal as it’s the new home of music for me.

What Is Used For?

As previously said is used for listening to music online. You can as download your favorite music online or save it on drop box from the web portal. There are different aspects and categories of songs in different segments which includes;

  • Blues.
  • Classical.
  • Country
  • Dance.
  • Electro.
  • Hip-hop.
  • Jazz.
  • Latino.
  • Pop.
  • R&B.
  • Reggae.
  • Rock

These are the segments and categories of mp3clans. There are lots more too but these are the available categories on platform. You can make a choice of your own, to listen to any of the songs. But know that users can play and download songs on mp3 clan portals as there are options to download song on this web portal.

How To Find a Particular Music On Mp3clan

Due to the frequent upload of music on mp3clan website, this has amounted to millions of mp3 songs on the web portal. One big issue with users getting a particular song they want is the ability to search using the search bar. Users can enter a keyword for the music they want and get it displayed on the search result.

The search bar is integrated basically for the user to quickly navigate around web platform. Searching through the mp3clan music archive using the search bar that is located on the top section on the home page. Make a quick search when you enter the key word of the song you want to listen to on the search bar.

How To Listen To Music On

Listening to songs on mp3clan has procedures to follow which include the following;

  1. Go to the website using the URL which need to be entered in you address bar section.
  2. Enter the name of the song or the artist in the search bar section on the homepage
  3. Click on find next to where you entered the name of the song or artist.

Once you have successfully hit on the find icon list of songs based on the search key word you entered in the search box will be displayed on the search result. There are various options up for users who had entered a search word in other to find a particular song on website.

Your song is available for you to listen to and download if you want to or save it on your drop box. You can play the songs, cut it for mobile ring tone probably you don’t want the song to play fully while ringing and pause when you want to do something or receive a call or reply a message on your mobile or computer. You can also download it he song.

How To Download Songs On Mp3clan

After you have listened to the song and want to listen to it offline. You can as well download the song into your mobile phone or computer into your song library and enjoy it endlessly. All you need to download songs from is very simple.

  1. Go to the website by entering the web address as in the address bar section.
  2. Enter the name of the artist of the song.
  3. Search for the song under the album you selected.
  4. Click on the song and click on the download icon.

The song will be on your phone in less than 15 minutes. You have to be connected to the internet and make sure your internet is very strong.

How to create an account

Due to the high requirement of the users to download and listen to songs on mp3clan. The admin has decided to make their users more comfortable by creating account so that they can easily access their songs and download it. The procedure are as follow; to create an account you have to register your details

  • Enter your full name.
  • User name.
  • Email address.
  • A password that you can’t forget easily.
  • Confirm the password.
  • Accept the terms and conditions of the website.
  • Then click on create account icon.

After you have followed all this procedure then you proceed for the payment to secure your account. You can receive notification of new song on your email daily.