Mozilla Thunderbird is also known as Thunderbird is a free email platform, personal information manager, news client, etc. It was developed by Mozilla Foundation. Thunderbird was launched on July 28, 2003. Mozilla Thunderbird can manage your personal information, emails, newsgroup, and even your chats. Thunderbird can also support multiple accounts. Thunderbird is also secured by TLS/SSL security features. Mozilla Thunderbird is an email app that is very easy to set up, customize and use.

Mozilla Thunderbird - How to Use Free Email Client | Thunderbird Mail

Mozilla Thunderbird makes it very to send emails with speed, the latest techs, and most importantly, privacy. It also has a lot of captivating features which work hand in hand with the app. If you feel your emails are insecure about your emails, try Thunderbird today and be 100% sure that your emails are now secured and safe. On Thunderbird, you can have multiple calendars, schedules, invite friends and even create your to-do list. Ideas can now be shared between users and it is all thanks to Thunderbird.

Overview Features of Mozilla Thunderbird

Thunderbird has the following features. These include; Quick search, message grouping, saved search folders, find messages, chat, advanced message straining and even manage tags. Mozilla Thunderbird is a free email application and it is very easy to use. Even though Thunderbird is a free app, it is also very powerful when it comes to security. Therefore, Thunderbird is the perfect option for you.

So far, yes Mozilla Thunderbird is the best choice for emails. It can take care of technically everything, it is reliable and fast. It also has a security feature that protects your emails and messages. You can even set up message filters. You can set up your Thunderbird account with any account such as Yahoo, email, Microsoft, Google, and many more. Also, Yes, Thunderbird allows its users to install extensions easily. but the thing is that No, Mozilla Thunderbird is not yet available for android users.

Is Thunderbird reliable?

The Thunderbird is very useful and efficient. You can monitor all of your emails, quick replies to your emails and if you are a very business person, you can use it to make your works easier and faster. Mozilla Thunderbird also has a large volume of storage capacity. And you can also back up all your messages.

How to sign up for Mozilla Thunderbird

Just like I mentioned earlier, you don’t need to subscribe or create a plan to create an email address account with the email service provider. Just like the app, Thunderbird is very easy to set up. To set up your MozillaThunderbird account, follow these steps to begin:

  • Open Mozilla Thunderbird.
  • Click on tools.
  • Click on “Account settings”.
  • On the next page, click on “Account Actions”.
  • You will be asked to enter in a mail account on the next page then click “Continue”.
  • On the next page, you will be asked to enter in your name, username and password.
  • Click on “Manual Configuration” to change the servers names.
  • Click “Create Account”.

Then wait for the signing up process to be complete. When complete, you can now send and receive emails, set reminders, and many more.

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