How to Setup & Use Messenger for Business? Messenger for Business is a new way to connect with customers or potential customers on Facebook. This platform makes it easy to offer one-on-one customer service while keeping records of conversations. This service is available to everyone, with or without a Facebook profile. When this business feature made available, Facebook users could now message page owners and vice versa. The goal of messenger for business is to enhance the communication of people and businesses. Businesses on messenger enhances checkout flow on a business site, a person decide to start a business conversation, get updates on things like confirmations and shipping status.

Messenger for Business - How to Setup & Use Messenger for Business

Messenger for business enhances instant communications with a customer who has just made a purchase on your website. With this platform customers can be able to purchase with just a click on messenger. Furthermore, this platform is an excellent tool for instant contact and connection with customers.  Businesses have built stronger relationships with their customer on messenger. Many businesses have used Facebook messenger as a marketing tool to achieve results across the customer journey, from creating awareness to securing sales.

Why Businesses Should Use of Messenger?

Using messenger for your business has its own advantages, nobody likes the stress of hawking goods to sell, but this platform gives you the advantage of making money even at the comfort of your home. Are you thinking about using messenger for business? Here are some top benefits.

  • Increases intent to purchase. 65% of people say they are more likely to shop with a business that they can reach via chat. So always be available for customers to reach.
  • It takes sensitive topics privately; it is good channel for conversations that are kept secret. some customers might have something to tell you but they can’t because they are shy. Messenger gives them the opportunity to express themselves with feeling ashamed and also to keep private matters private.
  • Builds trust in your brand, if your company is open to dialogue, your company is easier to trust. Customers tend to trust people they can easily talk to.
  • Generate high quality leads. Anytime you respond a customer message, you would want to re-connect to this customer in future. You can do this now that the channel is open.

Furthermore, taking out time to talk to customers one-on-one shows that you value their business and you care about their needs, set up messenger for business today and build a healthy relationship with your customers today.

How Do I Set Up Messenger for Business

Are you are Facebook user and you are trying to set up Facebook messenger for business and you don’t know your way around it, note that for every Facebook page, there is an access to messenger If you are yet to have a business page. Here how to create one by following the steps below.

  • Ensure messenger is enabled on your device.
  • Create a Facebook messenger username and link.
  • Add a send message button to your page.
  • Write a customizable message to your customer.
  • Set up instant reply.
  • Create responses for frequently asked questions.
  • Schedule automatic away messages.
  • Manage messages with Hootsuite inbox.

Thanks, you for reading this article on how to use the messenger for business, make use of this platform and build your business to its greatest height. However, the messenger for Facebook is accessible to every individual that wants to grow on his/her businesses.