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Home REVIEWS Messenger Dark Mode – Facebook Messenger App | How to Enable Dark Mode

Messenger Dark Mode – Facebook Messenger App | How to Enable Dark Mode

by admin

According to Google, the Facebook messenger dark mode can help save your battery life. How do we know this? This is because it would help you easily reduce the brightness of your screen and give a totally new look. I personally love this new Facebook messenger dark mode because it gives me a unique view. That view you get looking at the sky in the night. All you have to do is find the crescent moon and turn on dark mode on messenger.

Messenger Dark Mode - Facebook Messenger App | How to Enable Dark Mode

Messenger Dark Mode

What this basically does is that it inverts the color on your Facebook messenger. Technically, it turns the black colors to black and the white color to black. It can be fun to mess around with the feature. Turning on this feature is just a few steps away from wherever it is you are right now on your messenger app. You should also know that this dark mode is not accessible to everyone right now but you would see it in the steps we would be taking further on if it is available to you.

Download Facebook Messenger App

It is totally impossible to access the Facebook messenger dark mode if you do not have the app installed on your device. This dark mode is like a skin for the app itself. For you to be able to use this skin, you have to download the original and official app from the Google play store. If you do not know how to, I would leave detailed steps here on how to do so.

  • Open the app drawer on your device.
  • Find the Google play icon or the app store icon and click on it to launch the mobile store.
  • Next, hit the search bar and search for “Messenger”.
  • You would then be directed to the official Facebook messenger page on the store. Find the install button and click on it to begin the downloading process.

After the download is completed, it would be automatically installed on your device. Always remember to keep your data connection turned on until the process is complete.

How to Enable Dark Mode

It is very easy to enable the dark mode on your Facebook messenger. Note that you would only see the option if it is available to you. Follow the steps below to enable the dark mode on your Facebook messenger app;

  • Launch the Facebook messenger app you just downloaded on your device and log in with your Facebook account.
  • After logging in, hit your profile icon at the top left corner of the page.
  • The first option under your profile photo is for you to enable the dark mode.

Simply check the box next to it for you to turn on the dark mode. When it is turned up, you would see the change. Subscribe to our newsletter for more daily updates.

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