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Do you know you can stream movies without having to leave your comfort zone? Want to know how? The internet has so many movies platform you can access freely to stream movies in your comfort zone. One of these movie platforms which the internet has made available for you is Megashare. Megashare is an online platform that enables you to stream movies in very high quality for free of charge. Compared to so many online movies streaming websites, Megashare doesn’t require you to subscribe before accessing its site to stream movies. Neither do you have to sign up to stream movies on the platform? But to gain access to all of its unique features you should process the signup.

Furthermore, Megashare has a very large collection of movies to offer to you. When you browse your internet, locate the site and explore it for movies. One thing that makes the site unique is that you can change your theme to black if white is not comfortable and vice versa. Megashare is one of the most viewed websites that enables you to stream movies unlimitedly. You can watch both old and latest movies on this site. It has almost all kinds of movies you desire to offer to you in easy arrangements to make locating movies very much easier for you.

Is Megashare Legal?

No! Megashare is an illegal website. Although, it offers you everything you desire from a movie’s website. But streaming movies on it is illegal. The reason is, the contents it uploads are all pirated content. However, because so many countries are strictly against streaming pirated content. It is considered a criminal and illegal act if caught streaming on the platform could attract a penalty. Therefore, you make use of a VPN to hide your location.

Megashare Categories

There are so many movies available for you on the Megashare movies platform. However, Megashare having so many movies on its site is well organized by arranging movies in different categories with the mindset of making its users locate movies easily for streaming. The movies categories are so many that even some categories have different categories under them. Check out these categories below;


Under the movies category, you can find different movies you can stream both the latest and top movies. Some of the movies under this category include; Ashin of the North, F9, Vivo, La nude, The Suicide Squad, Jungle cruise, Blood Red sky, The Long Halloween, and many more.

Tv Series

This category has unique Tv series and different episodes of each. You can select any Tv series from these categories to stream for free. Some of the Tv series available under this category for streaming include; The Flash, WandaVision, Blood of Zeus, The Mandalorian, the queen’s Gambit, Raised by Wolves, and many more fun and exciting movies.


Earlier, I mentioned that some categories have categories under them. And genres are a very good example with different movies grouping under them. These categories include; Action, Biography. Drama, History, Mystery, Short, western, Adult, Comedy, Adventure, Animation, Documentary, Crime, family, Horror, News, Fantasy, Music, Romance, Film-Noir, Musical, Sci-Fi, War, Thriller, and Sport.


Megashare doesn’t only pick movies from random countries. But also has countries as a category whereby you can select the country whereby you love their movies for streaming. Some of the countries whereby their movies are available on the platform include; Argentina, Bahamas, Brazil, China, Greece, India, Italy, Belgium, Bolivia, Botswana, Austria, Thailand, Philippines, West Germany, Zambia, Vietnam, UK, Turkey, Tunisia and more. You can find almost all countries on the platform for you to make your selection and stream any movie of your choice


Another unique category on the Megashare movie’s site is years. You can search movies by year on the platform. If you are the type that is interested in movies of the year 1999, you can find them right here on this platform for streaming. All you just have to do is click on the year link to select a year of your choice. Then stream any movie under it.

Not only the above mentioned. other categories of movies on the platform include Featured, Top IMDB, A-Z lists, and the unique search engine. You might be wondering why the search engine is made to be part of the categories. The search engine isn’t a category but just like the categories, it helps you locate movies easily. The unique search tool helps you locate a movie from all over the website. Have to found a movie you want to stream, see below on how to stream.

How to Stream on Megashare

Streaming on Megashare is just like streaming on any other movie website you can find on the internet. All you just need to do is have a strong internet connection. This is for you not to face any interruption while streaming movies or Tv shows on the movie’s platform. With an internet connection and an internet-connected device, use these steps below to stream movies on Megashare;

  • Visit the Megashare movies website @
  • Locate any movie of your choice by categories or search engine
  • Select the movie by clicking on it
  • On the movie streaming page, tap on the play button to begin your streaming.

In conclusion, not only can you stream movies on the Megashare movie’s website. But you can also make requests of movies you want to stream on the site. But that can only be possible if you have processed the signup. As movie request is one of the features of Megashare which before accessing it, you have to process the signup.

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