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What is Medicaid or how can I apply for Medicaid card service? Learn important information about the service and also how to apply for the services. First of all, Medicaid, the official United States government site for Medicare service. Also, it also referred to as the federal and state government program developed to help tackle the high cost of healthcare services for people with limited income and resources. The benefit coverage isn’t limited to Medicare, but also includes nursing care and also personal care services.

Medicaid - What is Medicaid, Who is Eligible for Medicaid | Apply for Medicaid

Furthermore, Medicaid is quite different from Medicare, base on the fact that the service covers include cost of healthcare for people with low income, and Medicare coverage includes providing health services for mainly elderly people. According to the Health Insurance Association of America, Medicaid considered a government insurance program dedicated to citizens of all ages. To have the benefits of low-cost healthcare services especially for people whose income and resources are low to pay for a good health care service. The services enjoyed by people who applied for the service. Eligibility requirement needed for you to provide to get approval for the service.

Eligibility for Medicaid Services

On the contrary, there are certain factors that determines your eligibility for the program. According to reports, Medicaid is in conjunction with health care service such as the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) in providing over millions of American families with health care coverages. In other to apply for the service, the federal low requires the state to anticipate certain factors of applicant.

Financial Eligibility

This is also one of the factors that determine eligibility for Medicaid. The Affordable Care Act introduces as one of the methods in determining the income eligibility for the services subjected to MAGI.

Non – Financial Eligibility

Also, non-financial eligibility is another criterion in which the state must look into. Individual to be eligible for Medicaid must ascertain the required non-financial eligibility criteria.  This includes being a resident of the state. Also must be a citizen of the United States or have the qualification of non-citizens.

How to Apply for Medicaid Health Coverage

First of all, before you can apply for Medicaid health coverage, you need to ensure that you meet the eligibility of qualifying for the health coverage program. Basically, the state determines the qualifications for the program. Therefore, to apply for health coverage, you need to contact your state for application information.