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MapQuest is a free America web mapping service online. This a property of AOL that offers free mapping services. MapQuest Was officially announced as a property of American online Inc. in the year 2000. This platfrom is rated as one of the top mapping platforms next to Google Map which is the first in the United States.


MapQuest is headquartered in Denver, Colorado in the United States. With its url as which is the web platform url link. This is an all-around mapping service that generates maps and routes to users. also serves satellite imagery to users as at 2016. web portal

This is a very helpful platform that helps in navigation. It helps to give users a clear GPS location service and other important navigation services such as.

  • Map.
  • Get Directions.
  • Find Places.
  • Book Hotels, Flights, and Rental Cars.

On MapQuest user can also create a custom my map that enables users explore places, discover new adventures or even plan a gateway with users and can share it with friends and family.

A user can also embed map or share on social media like Facebook and Twitter. There is also an option to share map on mobile phone. Users has to enter his or her mobile number or email if he or she wants to share the map using email or mobile number.

There is also an option for users to embed map on their website or blog. This is by clicking on the embed icon in other to generate HTML code. Users can customize the map dimensions and map style. There is also an option to print your map in hard copy so you can take it with you.

There is also a help section that provides users with useful information they need to know on web portal. Users can always browse through existing topics and even contact MapQuest customers service. All of this services and features are located on the main menu at the left side of this portal.

MapQuest Driving Directions

Most user who has visited this portal still can find or access MapQuest Driving Directions. This works just like Google map that shows you directions as you drive or walk. This is a direction service that shows you a clear GPS location as you are on the move.

To get MapQuest Driving Directions visit the web portal and click on Get Directions icon. This icon is located at the left top menu just below find a place icon. When you click on the get directions icon user is required to enter his or her starting point and where he is going.

The start and stop features give users a step by step Driving or walking directions to your destination. This helps to avoid traffic with a clear optimized route. After when the user has entered his or her start and stopping point. This platform we automatically show a clear direction from your starting point to your finish point.

MapQuest we display a navigation icon as you move this we help you track your location and keep you in track as you move. The get directions features is an awesome feature for users who don’t know their way around a particular location or place. Sign Up

Creating an account on this platform is quite easy but user is required to have an email account. This is the basic requirements to sign up for an account. Below are steps on how to sign up for an account.

  1. Launch your web browser and enter the url on the address bar section of your browser.
  2. Click on the sign up icon at the top left section on the homepage.
  3. Enter your email address in the first feed and password in the second feed.
  4. Click on create your account icon just below the password feed.

By completing the above steps your account has successfully been created. You need to check your email address you used when signing up because a verification email is been sent to email. Login to your email and open the mail and click on confirm my account icon. Users can now login to their account at any time.

MapQuest Classic

This is the classic version of MapQuest platform. This was more like the desktop version for PC users. But this version is going away soon because there is now a better version than the classic version.

In other to access the classic version enter the url in your address bar section as in the web address bar of your browser. You can also access the new version from the classic version by clicking on the link on the top section.