With no doubt, the use of emails has now gone so viral that a lot of people use it as a source of communicating. Besides there are so many email services available on the internet and a lot of us are familiar with the popular ones known as Gmail, Ymail, Outlook/Hotmail, and more. But to bring to your notice, Lycos mail is also one of them. Lycos mail is an email service provided by Lycos Inc. It used to be one of the oldest and at the same time also one of the most established web portals in the world. It was founded in the year 1955 and was the most popular before other popular email services were developed.

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Lycos Mail although is not the most advanced webmail service on the internet today as new email and webmail services have been developed. But with 100% great assurance, I can say it is very effective and easy to use. Lycos was dismissed as a powerful search engine by so many internet users years ago. But some other services the site offers survived one of which includes the Lycos webmail. That’s one of the major reasons why you can still sign up for an email address with Lycos Email. Well, Lycos compared to other email services of now which include Gmail and yahoo mail might not possess rich features but I can guarantee you that there are unique features you can enjoy using Lycos Email. See these features below.

Features of Lycos Mail

Although, Lycos mail is an old email service. But it still offers you unique features which you can enjoy but you would need to subscribe. Lycos email no longer offers free services. But not to worry as the subscription is affordable. Here are the features which the Lycos webmail offers to its users below;

  • 5GB storage space
  • POP3 and IMAP access
  • Advanced Spam Filtering
  • Address and Domain blocking
  • Unlimited size attachment
  • Protection against virus.

And above all, there are no ads that pop up when using the Lycos mail inbox. And the sign-up is free. So, therefore, you can sign up for an account today on Lycos email to send and receive emails from family, friends, business partners, and other email users for free. Finding it difficult to sign up? see below for simple steps on how to sign up for an email address on Lycos webmail.

Lycos Mail Sign Up

Before processing the Lycos webmail sign-up, the email service no longer offers its services for free as mentioned earlier. It has 3 different subscription plans to offer to its users which are worth different prices and lasts for different lengths of time. This subscription plan includes $4.95 per month, $19.95 per year, and $45.95 per 3 years. However, if you are still interested in signing up for a Lycos webmail account. Here are steps on how to go about that below;

  • Visit the Lycos email website @ mail.lycos.com
  • Click on the sign-up button
  • Enter your name, password and email
  • Confirm your humanity and click on the continue button to proceed into the next step
  • Select your country and enter your phone number for your mobile number verification

Click on the Next button and follow the instructions given promptly. Most importantly confirm your number with the verification code sent to your mobile. You can sign-up for up to 5 accounts on Lycos email. However, after successfully signing up for a Lycos email account, you can now process the Lycos Mail login anytime`.

Lycos Mail Login

Lycos Mail login is just like every other email login as it requires only two pieces of info which include; your email and your password. The login is more like a key to entering your Lycos Mail account to check emails sent to you. Also, compose and send new emails to other email users all over the world just with the use of their email addresses. The Lycos webmail login also gives you free access to enjoy the features of the email service. New to Lycos Email? Welcome. Here are simple steps you can use to process the Lycos email login below;

  • Visit the Lycos Mail website
  • Enter your username @lycos.com
  • Enter your password
  • Click on the sign in button to enter into your account.

However, the same way Lycos Email login is very important. It is also important you secure your account so as not to have problems signing in later, unauthorized logins, and other consequences of not securing your account.

In conclusion, if you do not have an account with Lycos mail. you are missing out on the benefits and features you are liable to enjoy. Also, the login is impossible without the signup. Therefore, using the sign-up steps listed above, create for yourself a new Lycos webmail account.