Game on Facebook Online – Ludo Game Online Facebook Play | Ludo Game Online Facebook Friend

Facebook ludo game is a game designed by Facebook, which you can play with friends at least four players and also it can be called a multi-player game where each player has to try to defeat others and to find the winner. However it a game where each player has a specific color on a board that is assigned to them and the pawns are also in the same color.

Ludo Game Online Facebook Play - Game Ludo Club

The ludo color includes red, blue, yellow and green, in the game you have to roll a dice to earn your winnings and also you need to protect your pawns from different hurdles on the way till it finally gets home. It is a strategy board game involving running with your pawns from start to finish. The game uses double dice with six faces each. The good advantage of the game is that no matter the distance of you and your friend, you can play the game on Facebook Messenger.

How Can I select  Ludo Game on Facebook Messenger?

  • Firstly before you can start playing the game, your Facebook messenger app must be full update for you to access the Game section on the app.
  • You can update the version on the Google play store or app store and if you can’t find the games section on your updated messenger, that is the game is not yet available in your country.
  • However, if you access the messenger via browser, you don’t need to update it; the option to play the game is there.
  • To challenger a friend to play the game with you, just start a conversation by tapping the name of your friend or you can also press the plus icon.
  • Click the games controller icon in the conversation window for you to access more games option.
  • Then click the ludo game on the list of games and then tap the play button.
  • You can also create group conversation on messenger which are basically playing ludo among your friends on messenger
  • You can also view live scores and leading board inside the group chat.
  • If you want a rematch, simply click on ludo and click play now to start the game again.

How to Play Ludo with Facebook Friend?

  • Tap play with friends on the main menu screen.
  • Select the Token color first.
  • Then you will tap on Create tab to create a room
  • Click the Entry fee of the lobby you want to play
  • Click on invite icon,
  • Login with Facebook, after you log in, a list of Facebook friends will pop up then search for a particular friend you want to invite to play with

Tap here on the invite to play with a friend, once friends have joined the room the play button will be activated on the host player device. Then the host play can be able to tap the play button.