Do you want to improve your business through a large audience or do you want to share your online content with millions of people without having to go around yourself? However, a lot of people prefer to tell people about their businesses online rather than go around. Linktree helps you to reach out to people just by creating and customizing your own link. Also, the Linktree is free, but to gain access to all the exciting features it has to offer it has a paid version you can try out too. However, considering the population on most social media you can use the platform to make great sales online by connecting with a large number of audiences.

Linktree - How to Make a Linktree | Linktree Account

Furthermore, Linktree only comes as a website and isn’t available in the mobile app for connecting with people. However, the Linktree website is free and easy to access by anybody, anytime and any day. If you are a/an influencer, blogger, marketer, writer, and professional that you want to share your business services with different people all over the world. You can use the platform as it allows you to use it on any social platform which includes; WhatsApp, Tik Tok, Instagram, Facebook, and many more.

Features of Linktree

Linktree has a lot of amazing features that users enjoy. So, therefore, you can also enjoy these features by becoming a user today. One of the greatest features is that’s it enables you to create a link that you can add to your social bio which people can click on to get to you. Other Linktree features include;

  • Customize your fonts
  • Direct links that would bring your visitors exactly to you just by clicking instead of your profile.
  • Add an email sign up field
  • You can remove the platform logo
  • Design your to your own taste

There are still more features of Linktree that you can enjoy today. You can even discover one by yourself just by accessing Linktree via the website. Although the features of the platform can’t all be enjoyed without sign up. In addition, the features enjoyed by the free users are lower than the ones enjoyed by the paid users. So therefore to enjoy more and access unlimited features, you can pay for the plan.

Linktree Sign Up

You can start up Linktree today by first signing up. However, you can sign up with your Instagram account or your email. It takes simple steps to access the Linktree sign up. For people that do not know how to go about the sign up, hereĀ  are steps you can consider to have a successful sign up;

  1. Visit the Linktree website
  2. Click on the sign up link
  3. Enter your email, username, and password
  4. Then click on the register link

Follow the instructions you would be given and fill in the correct necessary requirements. Then you can now start creating your business links or any link you want for people to get through to you.

Linktree Sign in

After you must have created an account with Linktree, you can now access the sign in process. The Linktree sign in is an authenticated access where you can manage your account, anywhere, anytime on any device.

  • Click on the log in link
  • Enter your username and password
  • Then click on the Sign in button

After you must have completed this process, you can now create your link and share them on your social media accounts for people from different races of the world to reach you.

How to Use Linktree

Accessing Linktree is not a difficult task. All you just have to do is have an account then you can create links. Therefore, for those who don’t know how to make use of the platform. Here are some steps you can follow;

  1. Sign in to your Linktree account
  2. Click on the add link to add as many links as you want
  3. Copy and paste on your Instagram or any other of your social media profile.

With this link, a lot of people can get to you after you have posted it. Startup Linktree today and get your business all over and to as many people as you want and make great sales. You can continue to use Linktree for free and or choose to pay for it to enjoy more of features. In addition, you have to keep updating your links, you don’t have to change the link on your social media platform.