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Sometimes it might be difficult for you to get a job, get clients for your job offer, searching for business connections. Well, this all can be sorted out easily by signing up for LinkedIn’s web account on www.linkedin.com portal. LinkedIn helps business aimers out there to find jobs, people, and business opportunities.


Linkedin is an online professional networking service that is based in the United States of America. This service provides business and jobs opportunities to users. It also serves as a social media platform for users to meet and socialize with other people with the same motive of getting their various business goals. This professional networking platform was founded by Reid Hoffman and founding team members from PayPal and Socialnet.com web platform. Linkedin headquartered is located in Mountain View, California,  United States of America.

Features of Linkedin

Linkedin is a very easy to use portal. The site is very easy to access and navigate. Some of its amazing features are.

  1. Linkedin web platform is available in 24 languages which make it easy for users to read and understand.
  2. Another is that it serves as a media for professional networking platform.
  3. Users get to create profiles and connect to each other which serve as the real-world relationship.
  4. there are jobs offer that can be created by users and users can also search for potential candidates.
  5. View photos of others which make identification easier.

On LinkedIn users get to create profiles which other users can access and also see who has visited their profile page. Users can like and comment on others updates. Users in search of jobs can view the profile of hiring managers and find means of connecting with them.

Linkedin Main Section

There are different categories for users so as to get easy access to their aimed goals. This is the four group as named below.

  1. Social media.
  2. Social Recruiting.
  3. Professional networking.
  4. Professional services.

LinkedIn serves as a great media to socializing. Users get to follow different companies and receive news about new offers.

The social recruiting category serves users in a way that they can get to find different potential candidates, by using the search tool in the web portal. On the professional networking, category users get to open up ways to creating business connections and search for jobs and other offers. LinkedIn offers professional services by providing users with the publishing platforms. This allows authors to get a better way to track traffic that their posts received.

Linkedin Sign Up

For a user to benefit from LinkedIn services they need to open up an account with them which is known as LinkedIn Sign Up. This gives them access to this great networking service. In other for you to make effective use of this platform you need to complete the LinkedIn sign up process.  Here are the steps to follow in opening an account.

  1. Launch your web browser and enter the URL www.linked.com or you can download the apps from your mobile store.
  2. Click on the join now icon in the popup menu. this we allow you create a new account.
  3. Fill in all personal information such as First name, Last name, and email address, and click the join now button.

Select your postal code address, select if you are a student or not, if you are one fill in your school name, the year you gained admission and year ended, also select if you are over 18 or not. If you are not a student, fill in your job title and Companies name and click the continue button.

A confirmation request will be sent to your email. Go to your email box and click on the confirmation link, immediately your account will be successfully confirmed and created.

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