You have a LinkedIn account and you want to promote your business but you don’t know how to? With LinkedIn business, you can create your own LinkedIn business page, ads and promote your business. However, you need a LinkedIn account before you can create a business account or switch to a business account on LinkedIn. After you have opened a LinkedIn account, you can create your own LinkedIn business account. or if you have a company that you want to advertise its products, you can also create a LinkedIn company page for your company business.

LinkedIn Business Page - How to Use LinkedIn for Business

Creating a LinkedIn business page enables you to do a lot on LinkedIn. Also, doing business on LinkedIn enables you to get business partners that you can work with. Due to the fact that LinkedIn is a highly visited website because of the unavailability of jobs. Therefore, a lot of people visit LinkedIn to advertise and look for jobs. However, you can use this opportunity by creating your own business ads to advertise your goods on the platform for people to see.

Benefits of Creating a LinkedIn Business Page

There are a lot of benefits to enjoy when you create a business page on LinkedIn. These benefits are the gains from creating a page to run your business. With this business page, you can not only do your business, but you can also know and grow your audience. Some of the benefits include;

  • It helps to increase your searchability
  • You can share contents for your audience to see
  • It allows you to post launches and share news
  • You can connect with people around you.
  • Enables you to also post or share job vacancies.
  • You can create showcase pages
  • Make your own choice on the type of business page you want to create

However, these are not all the benefits of creating the business page as they are too many to be listed. Therefore, there are a lot of benefits or a lot of things you can gain by creating a business page on LinkedIn. Startup a LinkedIn business account today and enjoy these benefits like its present users.

Linkedin Business Account Creation

Creating a business page on LinkedIn entitles you to a lot. therefore, you can start by creating one today. However, to create a business page, the process is very simple and straightforward. But you will be needing a LinkedIn account as it is very compulsory. So, therefore, if you already have an account, here are the steps you can follow to create a business account on LinkedIn;

  1. Visit the LinkedIn website
  2. Click on the create page link
  3. Then pick one out of the types of business or company page you want to create
  4. You can fill in the required information which depends on the type of page you clicked on.
  5. Verify yourself then click on the create page button to proceed.

After this, you can start building up your page by creating ads that are not compulsory. But it can be used to advertise your products or business. In conclusion, you can also create up to two business pages on LinkedIn, as it enables you to.