Downloading of movies, videos, apps and many other files to mobile devices or PCs is carried out daily by its users. They are many web platforms which provide to its users these files. All they have to do is to visit the web platform, then select the file of their choice and download to their respective mobile devices or PCs. Krazywap provides these files to its web platform users.

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Krazywap is a web platform that provides means through which its users can get media files, apps, software and many other device-related files. These files gotten from the Krazywap web platform are legit and highly secured. So users don’t have to be scared to visit this web platform to get files. That really defines the meaning of their slogan which is It’s All About Quality.

The Krazywap web platform is compatible with all mobile device or PC major web browsers. So users can access the web platform easily on their respective mobile device or PC. The confirmed and official URL for Krazywap web’s platform is papertyper.

Contents Of Krazywap Web Platform

The web platform has many amazing contents that are readily available for its users to use to navigate the website easily. There are mainly two sections in the web platform’s homepage. The two sections are.

  • Latest Updates.
  • Menu.

These are the main sections in the Krazywap web platform home page. Users can navigate the web platform and get files for their respective mobile device or PC with these two sections.

Latest Updates

Lists of newly uploaded files on the Krazywap web platform can be viewed and downloaded by users to their mobile device or PC. These update files are uploaded on a daily basis on the web platform. All the user has to do is visit the web platform and check under the Latest update section on the homepage. These files are mainly videos and music.


This is the main section in the home page. It is the main download section. This is because it contains all the files in the web platform in a categorized format. The categorized options that users can download from that are on the Menu section are.

  • Ringtones.
  • Music.
  • Videos.
  • Wallpapers.
  • Android Zone.
  • Games.
  • Software.
  • Themes.
  • Full Movies.
  • Special Downloads.
  • Mp3 Search.

These are the categories on the Menu section in the home page. Users can also make contact with the web platform. This is done on the Request Feedback & Complain option on the Menu section in the home page. It’s the last option on the Menu section.

As said earlier users can download files from the Krazywap web platform to their mobile device or PC. The download process is free. MP4 Movies

This file is under the Menu section in the home page. The mp4 movie is in the full movies option under the Menu section. Users of the web platform can download mp4 movies to their respective mobile device or PC.

How To Download A File From Krazywap Web Platform

The process carried out to download a file from the web platform is very easy and free for all users to perform. The steps to follow to download a file are.

  1. Open the website on your mobile device or PC web browser.
  2. Select and Click on the file category to download from.
  3. Click on the file when you’ve seen it.
  4. Select the format compatible with your device.
  5. Tap on the download button.

The file download process will be complete with the above steps. Users can download mp4 movies with the above steps method.

Users can use the search option to easily find the file to download. All the user has to do is.

  1. Open the web platform on your mobile device or PC web browser.
  2. Type the name of the file you want to download in the required filed in the search option.
  3. Tap the search button.
  4. Enter the file on the search result.
  5. Tap the download button.

This is an alternative way to download a file from the krazywap web platform. The process of this method is faster than the first one given. So it depends on the user. He or she can use any method of their choice.

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