KIK App Download – How to Download KIK App for Android & iPhone

Kik app is a free instant messaging phone app formerly owned by a Canadian company known as Kik interactive, a group of high school students that attended the university of waterloo in Canada. The high school student came together in other to build new technology for communicating with friends and connecting together, Kik was later sold out to California MediaLab in other to expand it. The Kik app helps you connect with people from different parts of the world. Learn the process of Kik app download for Android or iPhone.

KIK App Download - How to Download KIK App for Android & iPhone
KIK App Download – How to Download KIK App for Android & iPhone

The Kik app allows you to build a connection with new people with the same interests, aspirations, dreams, and visions. The app allows you to come in contact with different people and helps you bond irrespective of geographical location.

Unlike other messaging apps, the Kik app does not require you to use your mobile phone numbers to sign in you only use your email address to sign in. Kik app demands you to connect your mobile phone data connection or Wi-Fi connection to function. Kik app is also one of the most reliable messaging apps and one amazing fact about Kik is that it does not divulge your privacy.

Features of Kik App

If you’re familiar with Facebook Messenger, the Kik app is built with the same interface as Messenger where you can view chats, video calls, voice calls, and more. Majorly, the feature allows you to communicate and interact with people. This includes the following:

  • Instant messaging- Kik app allows instant sending and receiving of messages from friends , families and new friends from different parts of the world.
  • Group chatting- Kik allows chat with a group of friends together irrespective of your geographical location or locations of your friends.
  • Photo and video sharing- Kik app allows you share photos and videos with your friends.
  • Live typing- Kik notifies you to know when your message receiver is replying from the other end.

These are the following built-up of the messaging app where you can chat with friends. Most importantly, the free messaging app is completely free and compatible with all Android and iPhone.

Advantages of Kik app

Kik app is built with the same feature as a messaging app, but the way it functions and allows people to communicate with family and friends is exceptional. You have a lot of benefits when you download the Kik app on your mobile phone or IOS which includes the following.

  • It a free messaging app that requires only your mobile phone data connection or Wi-fi connection.
  • The instant messaging mobile appallows you connect with different people from different part of the word.
  • It allows you interact with people with same interest, advantages vision and aspiration.
  • The Kik user interface is also user friendly and easy to navigate and understand.

These are the following benefits of the messaging app. According to detail presented online, Kik stands as one of the top 10 most respectable and widely used messenger app. Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Telegram still serve as the top.

How to Download the Kik App on your Android phone or IOS

To have access to the Kik messaging app you need to download the Kik app on your mobile phone or IOS, To download the Kik app on your phone go through the following process so you can get started.

  • Go to Google play store or Apple App store
  • Search for the Kik messaging app
  • Go on to download the app on your phone and then install it

Finally, after downloading and installing the app on your device. You can get started by signing up for WhatsApp with your phone number and also the instruction to follow which will be displayed on your screen.

How to Get Started on Kik App

After downloading the app, because the app doesn’t function as a website in terms of communicating with friends and families. You can start using Kik by registering for an account. For existing member, you can simply log in to Kik account.

  • After installing the Kik messaging application.
  • Open the Kik app on your mobile phone.
  • Tap on the option register.
  • You will be required to put in your first name, last name, your birthday, email address and a password.
  • Then you can go ahead to put in your profile picture.
  • Also, find friends who are already using Kik messaging app
  • Then you can go ahead to create your own Kik messaging application

You can go ahead to connect with other Kik app users and get to interact with other people from across the globe. For existing members, click the Login icon and enter your Kik account details. This includes your Kik username and password.

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