Where can I stream free movies? As known, there are countless movies websites available on the internet today to stream movies. This includes on-demand streaming video platforms like Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Showtime, and more. Thus, choosing one would be a little bit complicated as although not all but most of them have proven to be good for streaming and downloading. Kanopy is labeled among the top on-demand streaming video platform where you can stream different kinds of movies including educative movies, videos, and documentaries. Streaming on this Kanopy site is not for everybody, as it has its requirements before streaming on the website can be allowed.

Kanopy - Watch Free Movies Online | Kanopy.com

Furthermore, Kanopy is a movies streaming website or an on-demand streaming video platform where you can access thousands of movies and popular tv series to watch online. Kanopy streaming requires creating an account to access a wide collection of movies that includes your favorite movies and others. The movies streaming platform of your free access to connecting the platform to your dedicated TV by using public library or university to sign up for a free account to Kanopy movies. This is because the platform is only available through only libraries and not just any library but an active and participating one. However, there is also Kanopy Kids which has movies for children which they can also stream on the movie’s website.

Is there Kanopy App?

YES, Kanopy also possesses an app that is faster and easier to access thousands of movies to watch. It comes with the same feature and accessibility as the website. The Kanopy app is downloadable on any device using the Google Play Store or iOS App Store for download. After completing the download, you also need to have the library id of a participating library to set up the app to stream movies. The streaming movies app helps to build your intellect with award-winning films and also educative documentaries and movies.

Why is a Library/University ID Required to Access the Website?

Kanopy is only available through libraries. Therefore, to stream on Kanopy a library ID is required. However, if you do not have a library id or your library has not registered to the platform. There is another option to access the movies streaming website which is your university login. Also, if you are not yet a university student, you should visit the website to check if the library you visit has made available. But if not, enter your zip code to check for other libraries around you to locate which have made the movies streaming platform available. Then visit the Kanopy library to make inquiries, register, get the library id and begin your streaming.

What are the Requirements for Kanopy?

Kanopy signup/login has certain requirements which another movie streaming website would not require of you. But the unique thing about Kanopy movies Is that they are educative. Therefore, streaming on the website helps to develop your IQ on things you need to know that would help you. The main requirement for the login is your university login or Library ID.

Is Kanopy free?

Yes, you can sign up for Kanopy for free only with a public library or university. In other words, using a public library or university ID is free for you because all payments and necessary requirements have been covered by the public library or the school authority. Therefore, that is one of the reasons why you cannot access Kanopy without a participating library id.

Step to Kanopy Login and Sign up?

Before you can stream or access the Kanopy movies library, you have to first have an account. Having an account is easy to accomplish. However, some steps by which you can sign up for an account would be listed for you. Hence, you can follow to process your Kanopy library login or sign up. However, follow these steps accordingly to own an account of your own under the library;

Sign up

  1. Visit the Kanopy.com website
  2. Scroll and click on the get started link
  3. Select one of the listed options “I am a member of a public library” or “I am a student/professor of a university/ college. Depending on which you are.
  4. Find your library or your university
  5. Add your library card or university login
  6. Create an account using either your Google/Facebook account
  7. Create a strong password of at least 6 characters

Kanopy Login

  1. Click on the Get started link
  2. Click on the login button at the top page
  3. Enter your login credentials
  4. Click on the login button

After creating an account, you can now process the login on any device to stream movies online and also on the app. The Kanopy login online steps are also the same as the app. Therefore, the steps are applicable to any of you, anytime you want to stream movies on the website or app.