Yesterday’s event was very surprised with the two biggest social media platforms being shut down on the internet. Aside from Facebook and WhatsApp, the internet wasn’t working. Most of the website wasn’t loading especially my website. For about 5 hours or more than that, access to Facebook and WhatsApp wasn’t connecting. It look like the world had come to end, this was said by one of my friends.

When people are addicted to a very popular app like Facebook and WhatsApp, the cost of living were disrupted, and the blackout really affects businesses and other people that made use of the platform to connect with people worldwide. On Monday, Facebook as well as other its parental apps like Instagram and WhatsApp were not accessible. This took out one of the most powerful communicating platforms accessed by millions of people worldwide.

You need to understand that Facebook and other of it platform wasn’t the only one affected by the blackout of the internet. An error message was displayed on various platforms while trying to access the website. Just like I stated earlier, the blackout latest for more than five hours with no access to the website.

Why Facebook is Down

The reason for the shutdown of Facebook is currently unknown. No information on the internet has resurfaced indicating why Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and others were shut down. Facebook is widely used around the world with billions of users on Facebook.

With denying the fact, the shutdown really affects so many businesses including mine. This has been fixed and now resolved as users can now use Facebook. For users who is still asking is Facebook down here is the good news that they are now back and better. You can now carry on with your usual activities on the platform such as posting of pictures and all.

Is Facebook Down

No, the service is no longer down, Facebook is currently active and accessible today includes Instagram and WhatsApp. The shutdown lasted for over five hour but later was active and accessible to you. Facebook is currently back and you can access your Facebook account on the respective platform in which you use to manage your Facebook account.