Is Facebook Dating Not Available 2022 – Dating on Facebook | Free Facebook Dating Apps 2022

Is Facebook Dating Not Available 2022 – Dating on Facebook | Free Facebook Dating Apps 2022 Are you a single on the Facebook platform and you are searching for singles that are near you for free? Facebook gives offers you a way to find a single near you. You can join groups around your locality or search for people who are close to you. You can use Facebook to find singles for free. To use Facebook to locate a single near you, then you would need to register for a Facebook profile for free.

Is Facebook Dating Not Available 2022 - Dating on Facebook | Free Facebook Dating Apps 2022

What is Facebook

Facebook is the largest social networking platform in the whole world. It started off as a student discovery platform and but now it is one of the most popular and influential networks in the world where you can communicate, share and connect with people from anywhere in the world. It was founded by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004. Creating a Facebook profile is very free and easy. As a single Facebook user, you can eventually come across a single who is interested in your around and start communication from there. Using Facebook to find singles near you is easy.

Facebook User Profile

Creating a user profile on the platform is very easy, free, and will always be. To use the platform and meet other singles in different Facebook communities around or near you, you need to sign up for a profile. You can sign up via the Facebook mobile application or via the official website. Follow below to create;

  • Install the Facebook mobile app on the device and launch it or go to their website at
  • Start by entering your first name, surname and hit on Next.
  • Choose your date of birth from the options displayed.
  • Enter your email address or you can sign up with your mobile phone number.
  • Select your gender from the page either female or male.
  • Type in a strong but simple password for the account that you are creating.
  • Hit on Sign up to submit.

The account will be created and your home page will be displayed on the device. Facebook will send you a confirmation Text with a code or email with a link. Verify with mail or text. On the text field, type in the digits sent or hit on the link sent to be directed to your home page.

Facebook Login

You can log in to your personal Facebook profile if you already have an account on the platform. To do so, follow the simple guidelines that will be listed below:

  • Go to their website at or open the Facebook mobile application.
  • Enter your email address or the mobile number and password of the account.
  • Hit on Log in to load your home page.

The home page will be displayed on the device if the details are correctly typed in. You can reset the account password if you’ve lost it by clicking on Forgot Password.

How find Single Near You

You can find single near you for free by joining a Facebook group or by entering the name of the person you want to add and communicate with. Follow the steps below to join a Facebook group;

  • Login to the Facebook account home page.
  • Click on Groups, then Discover groups near me.
  • Once the groups have been displayed, tap on the one you want to join.
  • Then hit on Join Group to send the request.

Answer the questions if any because most groups ask questions. You would be notified if you have been accepted to be a member of the group. You can post your photos to the group to find your love interest, like and comments on the posts of others.

Or you can simply search for a person on Facebook by;

  • Logging in to Facebook.
  • On the page, hit on the search box at the top.
  • Type in the name of the person you want and hit o search.
  • From the profiles displayed, select the person and hit on Add Friend to send a request to them.

Once your request has been accepted, Facebook will notify and you can start a conversation with the people with a Wave or an Emoji.