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To login as an agent on IRCTC is a very important and special login they are provided to sellers who book tickets from their own accounts. As an agent after registering for the IRCTC agent login you have the access to book tickets for costumer and earn a very big commission, isn’t that amazing?. The IRCTC agent is different from a normal IRCTC account user, as an agent, you can book more than 6 tickets while a normal user cant book more than that. That is why an agent login is so special for every IRCTC agent, with an IRCTC account he or she can get people tickets and earn profits.

Irctc Agent Login - Login for IRCTC Train Ticket Booking and Reservation

As an agent, you need to create an IRCTC account so that you can help your customers get many tickets as much as possible. ‘I created my account and I can’t log in a lot of agents worry about this; you do not need to worry at all. This article will provide you with help on how you can log in to your IRCTC agent account with no problems at all. Just make sure your connection is on and in a twinkle of an eye you can log in on your IRCTC agent account with no problems at all.

How Do I Log In on my IRCTC Agent Account?

To log in on your IRCTC account you are ready to be an agent that helps people with everything concerning the catering and tickets services. And to log in is very easy than creating the account, the following procedures will enlighten you on how you can log in on the platform as an agent.

  • Go to the login page.
  • Enter your user id or your verified email address.
  • Put down your password.
  • And click on login.

Very easy step-by-step process with no problems at all. Just note that anytime you want to log in your data or WI-FI connection is stable so as to not make your login process slow.

I want to change my IRCTC agent password

There are a lot of reasons people want to change their passwords. And the reason might be because it is too lengthy or they want to change it to a very more easy one they can remember. Either way, no problems at all this article got you covered with no problems whatsoever. The following below is how you can change your password with no stress

  • Go the IRCTC website.
  • Click on login.
  • Go to the security page and tap on change my password.
  • Put down your old password in the first blank space.
  • Enter the new one you want to use, re-enter it again.
  • Now click on change my password.

So with the above procedures, you can change your password anytime you want with no stress. Just go on now create your IRCTC account, log in and change your password any time you wish with no worries at all.

More on IRCTC Agents Login

With the help of the IRCTC login, you get to know more about the catering services and tickets services. With you be an IRCTC agent not only means you can help people with their needs you can also learn and earn more. You will have the access to meet many people of different languages and ages. With the help of the website, you do not only learn more but you can do more.