The platform that helps its users with tourism, online tickets services, and catering purpose requires an account to be able to book every day using the website in India. Before in India, people always have challenges with getting tickets but now with the help of the IRCTC, you can get your tickets by just opening an account. To be able to use your registered account you need to log in. Are you having a problem login into your open account? You do not need to worry at all, as logging in on your IRCTC is not a hard thing to do; you just need to know that a person without an account can’t log in. To create your own IRCTC account login means you have the opportunity to book while just sitting at home isn’t that amazing. The platform cares for its users and makes the login procedures so easy and can be self-taught.

IRCTC Account Login - How to Login my IRCTC Account

Do you also know the platform has an app you can use to register an account and login in? This means not all can you login using the website you can also login through the app, so why worry? Just make sure that when you want to process the login your connection is on, with the connection you can login anytime you want without worrying. And also be sure that your email address is a verified one. With all those, you can login on the IRCTC account without challenges.

How Do I Login On My IRCTC Account?

Before one opens the IRCTC account, every day in India you need to go to the tickets counter and wait for very long hours before you can get through. That is why the IRCTC account is so important for everyone. All you just need to do is open the account. Follow these procedures below to login on to the account with no problems at all

  1. Go to the log in page on the website or app.
  2. Click on the register button.
  3. On the provided space put down your verified email address.
  4. Enter your password or user id.
  5. And click on register or login.

With this, you have login into your created account and with these procedures, you can log in anytime without any problems. Just open your account and benefit from the ticket and catering experience just from the use of your device

Is Logging in on IRCTC Account Free?

The registration is free to do but you need to have data charges on your device before you can log in. Without the data charges you can access the internet with means the process won’t go through. When going through the log in your connection must be stable, if not it will be slow or won’t work at all.

I have an Issue Logging in to my IRCTC Account    

A lot of delays happen when we use the internet, and there are many reasons for that. You registered your account but you have an issue logging in and you are worried a lot, you do not need to worry at all. You can check the options below to check if there are solutions to the problems you are facing with logging into your IRCTC account

  1. Check your connection it might not be on , it might be the reason your logging is not going through.
  2. Your password might not be correct or complete.
  3. Your email might not be verified by IRCTC.
  4. The server may be down, close the website and try again.

I hope with the options above you have a solution to the problem you are facing in logging in to your account. If any of the above did not help. Then click on the help button on the login page. Send your problem to the IRCTC team you might see the solution you want. So easy to do, and once you solve your login problems go on and book your tickets hoping you enjoy your booking experience.