IOT | The Internet of Things

Whats IOT | The Internet of Things
The internet has been a long time technology that has been in use by mostly by people to share data and other electronic file online. There are a whole lot of things you can do with the internet. These are majorly actives done by people for people and to people.


There are lots of users that really can do without it. It’s has been part of their very day life style. This is like a user connecting to other users in one way or the other. This doesn’t means that it has to be the web or other wireless platform.

But it has to be people connecting to people just like you make use of your social media app to connect to other users. Or just like you drive in your car and your security man at the gate has to open the gate for you. These are people connecting to people. There is a new internet called The Internet of Things (IOT).

The Internet of Things | IOT

The Internet of Things (IOT) is a new internet that is here to change the world. This is the ability of nonliving things to communicate to other nonliving things in a network. This is not about connecting people it’s about connecting things.

In today word things now has a sense of communicating with other things. Lets take a look at we as humans we all have our five sense organs that enable us to share our experience. Like we use

  • Our eyes to see.
  • Our hands to feel.
  • Our nose to smell.
  • Our tong to taste.
  • Our ear for hearing.

With our five senses we can communicate with our environment. The Internet of Things (IOT) is the ability for thing to See Feel Smell just like our five senses. They have the ability to communicate with other things just by themselves. Let’s take a look at these examples.

Exaples Of What Can Be Done With The Internet of Things | IOT

Just let’s take a look at your mobile smart phone. Like the Samsung S6 for instances. You wouldn’t believe how many senses this phone has.

It knows when it’s on a flat surface. It knows when you pick it up from a flat surface. It knows when you are moving. It knows how much light is in the room. It knows how close it is to your face when you are answering a call. And lots more.

Now let’s take a look at the new fuel band that tracks human movement and also tracks all your activity. It even tracks how well you have sleep. It also has the ability to communicate on a network.

Or just like the new light bulb that has senses you can create all kinds awesome lighting effects and modes.

But they relate with other gadget. Other gadget can tell them to turn on or turn off. They have senses to relate with other gadget.

Just imagine I drive my car in trying to park it in my garage. My garage door opener sense my car and turn the garage door open in never ask it to but just because it sense my car coming. This are things relating on a network.

Most user most be wonder how about thing that have already been in existence before the internet of things.

There are tools and system that gives users the privilege to add senses and relating functions to their older device.

The internet of things is I did very helpful in health feed. It can sense your sleep circle it knows exactly when to walk you up and relate to other things to start turning on. Just because you are about to wake up.

The internet of things was born at the right time when there are more things on the internet than people. Today there are over fifteen billion devices on the internet that are capable of relating with other devices.

Why Should You Care About The Internet of Things | IOT

Just imaging the health gadget that was produced by apple. Build to help use live a better life. With the ability to sense, communicate, collect data and lots more.

This can be of help to us humans to help us build process that can deliver quality health care.

Through remote diagnoses and monitoring and gives as accurate data about some natural disaster that may occur around us. Like earthquake and tsunami.

This can bring comfort safety and convenience. As we all know that the early detection of a disease or disaster can reduce the effect on us.