Instagram Review: How can I create an account on Instagram? Everyone wants to be on Instagram or an Instagram influencer due to its unlimited streaming of photos and video for your favorite celebrities. Instagram is somehow different from most social networking sites. Because what you actually enjoy from the services is to stream the latest video or photos uploaded to the people you follow. On the contrary, Instagram is actually a video and photo streaming social networking service which is formally known as IG or Insta.

Instagram Review - Get Started With Instagram  Account

The photo & video sharing application is acquired by Facebook and apparently operates in all kinds of internet-connected devices. However, the application was first released on iOS and later integrated into Android devices. basically, the Instagram app is designed to help you stay connected with trending stories, from your favorite celebrities. Through the process of uploading photos and video to your Instagram account. Also, you can as well make use of special filters while uploading your content, organize your content with tags and share your location. Lately, the services introduce a messaging feature known as Instagram Direct which allows you to send messages to people.

Overview Feature of the Photo & Video Sharing Application | Instagram Review

Like I mentioned, Instagram is a quite bit different from most social networking services. Unlike others where you’re provided with amazing communicating features to stay connected with family and friends. Instagram is more like a celebrity update platform where celebrities make use of in other to connects with their fans from all over the world with feature like:

  1. Upload photos and videos to your newsfeed.
  2. Also, you can post content to your Instagram story and add a special filter to make it look lively.
  3. Instagram Direct to start a conversation with friends.

There is actually nothing much you can do on Instagram, other than view stories posted by people you follow. In addition, you can make use of Instagram on your mobile phone and also on your desktop computer which will be shown below.

How to Create an Instagram Account

On the contrary, you can sign up directly from the Instagram app. Download the app from the Play Store for Android devices or the iTunes app store for iOS devices. Probably, you can as well make use of the official website to sign up for an account.

  1. Simply, open the app or visit
  2. Then click the Sign up icon and you can either sign up with your Facebook account or provides your personal information.
  3. You can enter your email address or mobile number.
  4. Then provide your full name and create your username.
  5. Create a strong password and click the Sign up icon.

In addition, you can create an account with your Facebook account by clicking on the option Log in with Facebook. Then you can provide your Facebook login credential to set your account. Afterward, you can complete the remaining action by setting up your Instagram profile. Finally, you can start following your favorite celebrities and stream their latest happening