One of the main things that make the Instagram platform fun to use is Instagram photos. The feature of the platform allows users to upload pictures and videos on it. In this process the users get to show his or her friends the location they took the picture if they wish to. This allows users to be able to connect with their friends all over the world.

Instagram Photos - Instagram Upload | Instagram App

For users to be able to upload or view Instagram photos, they have to ensure they have an active Instagram account. If not, they can always carry out the Instagram sign up process anytime they wish to. Users can sign up to Instagram on either the Instagram app or Instagram web. It depends on what device the user has installed that moment.

How To Upload Instagram Photos On Instagram App

Uploading photos on the Instagram app is very easy. Users get to upload pictures they have on their device or images they captured with the Instagram camera option. For users to achieve this they need a device that has the Instagram app installed on it. With this in place, users can upload Instagram photos with the steps below.

  1. Launch the Instagram app on the device.
  2. Complete the Instagram login process.
  3. Open the camera tab option on the Instagram app.
  4. Tap the option you want to use to upload. The three options include Library, Photo, and Videos.
  5. Select the photo you want to upload.
  6. Choose the filter you want to use for the Instagram photos you want to upload.
  7. Tap the next button.
  8. Enter the caption you want to use for the Instagram photos.
  9. Select to use the tag and location option.
  10. Tap the share button.

After the above steps, the user will successfully upload an Instagram photo on the Instagram app. When uploading a picture on the Instagram app, users get to edit the Instagram photos. This option allows users to add filters to the image they want to upload. They are lots of filters the Instagram platform offers users to use on the app. Its left for users to select the one they like.

Use Of Instagram Tag Option Via Instagram Upload –¬†Instagram Photos

Some users encounter the Instagram tag option when uploading Instagram photos on an Instagram account without using it. This is because many users have no idea what the option does. Well, users will know about this option on this article. The Instagram tag option allows users to attach the name of friends on Instagram on the image they want to upload. This is for the purpose of informing them about something or sharing moments shared with them. Users can use the tag option anytime they want to upload on the platform.

Use Of Instagram Location Option When Uploading Instagram Photos

The Instagram location option is another thing user avoid to use when uploading Instagram posts. Not knowing that this option helps give their friends a better view of things they upload on the platform. Users can use the location option to pinpoint places they are or where they witness an event. This option works hand in hand with the device location setting the user is using to upload the picture.