Social media is the top used as almost everyone wants to socialize, meet people, and then also know happenings. Instagram is one of the most used and widely spread social networking platforms as it grows on a daily basis. However, just like other Instagram users, you can have your own Instagram page whereby people can check up your profile and follow you if they want to. There are two types of pages on Instagram which include the personal page and the business page. The personal page shows you detail about yourself and the business page shows details about your business information.

Instagram Page - How to Create an Instagram Page

The Instagram page shows people a little about you and this depends on what you add to your Instagram profile. You can create your own Instagram page simply by creating an Instagram account. Also, detailed entitles on the page include finding out who you are following and people that are following you. However, your IG page is also known as your Instagram profile page. Any video or photo you post, would appear on your profile page for your later review and also for your new followers to see about you before choosing to follow you. Your page consist of your followers, people you follow, your uploads, highlights, bio, and other things people should see or know about you.

How do I Create an Instagram Page?

Creating an Insta page is just like creating an Instagram account. This simply means that you can an Instagram page without an Instagram account. However, the steps in creating an IG page are also the same in creating an IG account, because the moment you create an account on Instagram you get an ig page. So, therefore, you can follow the steps that would be listed below on how to create your IG page. Here are the steps that could serve as a guideline in creating an Insta page;

  1. Open the Instagram app on your mobile device
  2. If there’s an account on your device already, click on the profile photo which is below the screen on the right-hand side
  3. At the top of the screen click on the Instagram handle or Instagram username
  4. Click on the add account link to create a new account or log in to an existing account.

If you don’t have an account on your device and then you want to create a new account. you can click on the create account link to put in your details and create an account to have your own ig page. Keep in mind, an ig page is necessary as it is one of the features of Instagram and it is one of the first pages that people visit in order to know more about you.

Can I View other People’s Instagram Page and How?

The answer is YES. You can visit other people’s Instagram pages. As that is where you can choose either to follow them or message them. Instagram page is the key feature of Instagram as it is very important for an Instagram user. You can also see your celebrity’s latest upload via their Instagram page as it directly gives you all the person’s upload right from the very day the person joined Instagram and started posting except the user has deleted the post. Therefore, here are the steps you can follow to view a person ig page;

  • Using the search engine, search a person page via the person ig handle
  • Click on the person profile
  • You will be directed to the person’s profile page

You can then check on the person’s followers, following and text the person. Any Instagram account page that you search on and it is not showing you the person about. Note that, the person has set his ig account to private. So, therefore, you have to follow the person to be able to view the persons ig page.