Instagram is a very popular social network platform that offers users the opportunity to share videos and pictures. The social network platform offers its services through its app and website. They refer to the Instagram mobile app and Instagram web respectively. Many users of the platform services reach out to it services through the Instagram app.

Instagram Mobile - How To Download Instagram App | Instagram Mobile App

The Instagram mobile app offers many services that make it interesting for its users. Many users that own an Instagram account also own an active Facebook account. They use the Instagram app more than the Facebook app on their mobile device. This is because the Instagram mobile is more fun to use than the Facebook mobile.

Features Of Instagram Mobile App 

The Instagram platform offers many social services to its users that carry out the Instagram sign up process on the Instagram app on their device. As long as users have the app in their device and own an active Instagram account, they can do use the following things.

  • Users get to manage their personal account by inputting details on their profile. While doing this, users can also upload pictures on their Instagram account wall. This wall allows other Instagram users to know who they are viewing. Every Instagram user gets to manage their personal profile to what suits them.
  • Just like the services on users get to interact with other people on the Instagram app. The app comes with an amazing messenger which users can use to send and receive messages. The Instagram messenger option is only available on the Instagram mobile app. This option is not available on the Instagram web.
  • Users get to follow their favorite celebrities and people they know on the Instagram mobile app. Users can do this by simply singing the Instagram search option. All the user have to do, is simply enter the name of the person they want. Then enter the person’s Instagram wall and tap the follow option, to follow the person.
  • Users get to comment on upload and also interact with users in the public. Interact in the public in the sense that, users can reply to comments made on their uploads, or post they comment on.

The above features are just some mere things a user can do and use on the Instagram mobile app. It’s left for users that own devices that can run the Instagram app to find out the other amazing services the platform have to offer.

How to Download Instagram App

The Instagram app can run on many devices, as long as the devices make use of either the Android and iOS operating system. Users with a device that runs on either iOS or Android can download the Instagram mobile app on their device. So, users with a mobile device that runs on either of the above operating systems can install the Instagram mobile app with the following steps.

  1. Connect the device to the Internet.
  2. Launch the app store on the device. Android users are to launch Google PlayStore, iOS users are to launch the app store and windows users are to launch Microsoft store.
  3. Open the search option on the app store homepage.
  4. Input the keyword Instagram on the search option.
  5. Enter the Instagram app from the result of the search option.
  6. Tap the download button.

Immediately after the above steps, the Instagram mobile app will begin to install on the user’s device. Once the installation process is complete, users that own an active Instagram account can carry out the Instagram login process. Users that do not own an account can carry out the Instagram sign up process to create an Instagram account.