Instagram Direct – Send a Message to one or More People

If you have never heard about the name ‘’Instagram,’’ you are probably living under a rock or a place without a Smartphone or internet connection.  This is because Instagram happens to be one of the most popular social media platforms for both desktops and Smartphones. Instagram has lots of amazing features and ‘’Instagram direct’’ happens to be of them. First introduced in 2013, Instagram direct messaging remains at the top for private messaging on Social media. It allows users to share plain text messages, photos or videos, Instagram profiles, hashtags, locations, and many more to one or multiple users in a group.

Furthermore, Instagram Direct also called the Instagram messenger function allows you to chat privately either in groups or one on one. Often referred to as ‘’DM’’ short for ‘’Direct Message,’’ this type of message can be accessible within the Instagram app or via web browsers. Unlike Facebook, you do not need to download another app to make use of Instagram’s direct message. It is a private instant messaging feature on Instagram and it allows you to do many things than just sending messages.

What Can I Do With Instagram Direct?

Whether you are a celebrity, an influencer, a business owner, a content creator, or just a person who loves using the platform, the direct message has a lot to offer. Below are some of the things you can do with the Instagram direct message;

  • Send private messages to other users one on one and in groups
  • Send videos and photos to people without posting them on your Instagram page
  • Send messages with Videos and photos that disappear after the receiver checked it
  • Share locations and hashtags so you can tell your friends where your favorite store is
  • Share Instagram profiles
  • Share photos or videos you take or from your device’s library

Just like I have mentioned above, there is so much to do with this amazing message feature. Unlike other social media platforms, you can say Instagram’s messaging feature is absolutely the best.

Why Should I Use Instagram Direct?

Instagram Direct is very useful if you have lots of followers on the platform and need to share important information with certain people. Sometimes, not everything needs to be shared with everyone, especially if you have a large audience. Instagram Direct is helpful if you want to connect more privately with specific friends or someone you discovered on Instagram

Instagram direct messaging lets you get more personal and targeted specific groups or individuals so that you don’t end up spamming everyone’s feeds with videos or photos that are meaningless to them.

How Does Works

A direct message can be sent to anyone you are following on Instagram. You can also send messages to people you are not following, but your message will appear as a message request in their inbox that they have to approve before replying. However, you need to keep in mind that the recipient can reject your request. This helps protect the person’s privacy from abuse and potential spam. If they approve your request, all your future messages will be sent to their inbox even if you are not following each other.

How to Use Instagram Direct

If you already have an Instagram account, sending a direct message to other users is easy and simple to do. All you just need to do is click on the messaging icon in the top right corner of the app screen. Nevertheless, if you have the Instagram old version, the Instagram direct icon looks like a paper airplane. If you have updated your Instagram, the direct icon is the messenger logo.

However, if you have a new message, you will see a number in the color red by the direct icon. Just Tap to open your inbox. Unread messages will show a blue dot. You can reply to Instagram Direct messages just the way you would on other social media private messaging apps. The messages replies show as bubbles you can follow along with the conversation easily.

If you want to send messages to contact on your Facebook as well as Instagram on the IG app, you need to link your accounts. To do this, visit the Instagram Help on your app or via your web browser.