We are in the fourth generation whereby social media platforms are one of the best ways people socialize and meet each other. According to statistics, Instagram is considered the second most used social media networking platform with over 1 billion registered users. The Instagram app is the most connected platform in which users connect with people worldwide based on convenience and access to unlimited features directly from the mobile device.

Instagram App - Download Instagram for Android Free

Being on Instagram is great, the Instagram app provides an easy, fast, and convenient way to access your Insta account. The app is downloadable from various app stores that include respective app stores like Google Play Store and iOS App Store. Also, the Instagram app is free for download and doesn’t require much space on your device, which means that you can start using the Insta app today instead of visiting the website.

The Instagram app can be accessed on your mobile device and but not on your PCs. Also, using the app enables you to access the full potential of Instagram. For instance, there is some feature in which isn’t accessible on the Instagram website. Like posting photos, videos, and others isn’t accessible on the website. one of the interesting factors of the Insta app is convenience. This provides you with the convenience you need to control, manage or access your Instagram account, anywhere, anytime. Moreover, there are other features of the app.

Instagram App Features

The Instagram app as a reputable app has a lot of features that are very exciting and makes Instagram more enjoyable for you as a user. Some of the features of this app would be listed for you to see the benefits accessing the app. Therefore, you can download the Instagram app, explore on it and discover more features too. Some of the features of the insta app includes;

  • Add updates on your insta story.
  • Send messages to your friends directly.
  • Post photos to your news feeds that you would love to share with your followers.
  • View people’s stories and photos on news feed.

Furthermore, the Instagram app is free of ads and you are really going to enjoy using the app without stumbling on one ad or the other except you are doing business, then you might come across ads on the Insta app. However, you need to install Instagram on your device before you can access it and enjoy its features.

How to Get Instagram on Mobile

The Insta app download process is simple and faster with a secure internet connection. The Instagram app for Android and iPhone is available on Google Play Store and iOS Store for free. Keep in mind, the Instagram app for PC isn’t available except the using the website. Here are the steps that can also serve as a step-by-step guideline in installing the app on your device;

  • Ensure you have an internet connection
  • Open your device app store
  • Search for the Instagram.
  • Click on the app from the alternatives
  • Click on the install button or get button depending on your device brand.

After clicking on the install button, you can wait for a short while for your Instagram app to download. Then you can close the play store and go locate the app on your device and then open it. If you already have an Insta account, you can access the insta login link. But if you don’t, you can access the insta sign-up link on the app.