Email is now the most common means of communication in the world today. Keeping in touch with people that matter most to us like our family, friends, clients, business partner and coworkers has become easier. You can compose, send and receive mail from across to people across the world.  But sending and receiving of messages has never been this easy.  With iiNet webmail, you can now send instant messages to your business partner and family across the world without hassle. The iiNet webmail can be accessed through your Mobile and Desktop application.

Meanwhile, iinet stands out to be an Australian-based company that offers a large range of National Broadband Network plans and services.   The company is one of the award-winning companies in NBN and they offer various discounts to all their customers. Another of its notable service is the webmail, which enables users to access other services of the company. iiNet webmail does not only allow you to send and receive mail from across the world but you also get to enjoy other services. Millions of individuals and organizations make use of the iiNet webmail. It provides you with an excellent email service across all your devices and without hassle.

Benefits of iiNet Webmail

iiNet webmail as earlier mentioned provides you with the best experience. It is safe and secure to make use of regardless of your location.  Here are some of the benefits of using the iiNet webmail

  • Sending of emails
  • Reading and Replying of Messages
  • Add a new contact
  • Organize your Contacts
  • Importing and exporting contacts
  • Access to the calendar
  • Printing of mails

Aside from the above-mentioned benefits are only a few things you get to enjoy when you sign up for an iiNet webmail account. You can use the webmail service for both your personal and business mails. But most Australians use the mail for their business and organization.

How to Sign Up for iiNet Webmail

However, signing up for iiNet webmail is no longer possible online for users aside from Australia. Currently, it is trying to improve its sign-up process. And this is because they want to provide their customers with more security. However, users can only access the Webmail through your device’s web browser and most people consider it not to be safe.

Basically, iiNet wants all its existing and new users to have a secure account. Meanwhile, that is why the sign-up process is not going for now. Only people residing in Australia can sign up for a new account.  You can also check out the iiNet webmail customer care service for more information

How to Login

Meanwhile, if you already have an account with iiNet, you can log in to your account. The sign-in process is very easy to go about. But to successfully access your mail account, there is a certain requirement you need to be aware of. You will need your iiNet webmail’s correct login credentials.  A desktop, smartphone, tablet, or laptop and a strong internet connection. Now, follow the steps and guidelines below;

After tapping on the Login icon and your information are correct, you will be able to gain access to your iiNet email account.  Be sure to confirm your iiNet email sign-in credentials before tapping on the login icon.