iCloud is an apple cloud storage by apple Inc. This is a cloud computing service that’s been launched in October 2011. This is a storage solution whereby users can store various data files such as Pictures, Videos, Music, and Documents. There is no restriction on any device or operating system either iOS, Macintosh, or windows.

iCloud - Create an iCloud Account | iCloud Login

iCloud allows users to store data files on the remote server so as to make them available for download on various devices. A user can always send and share data on iCloud with other users. It also helps to manage all data in your apple devices. If should in case it’s been stolen or you misplace your device. This is a wireless system of backing up data on your device that runs on iOS directly to the cloud storage.

This is easy and faster than the manual backup system. It more like a data syncing center for all your data on your devices such as Email, Notes, Calendar, Contacts, and Reminders. Also, cloud storage securely stores all data on your device in a unique way. Whereby a user can share everything on his or her device with his family using the family sharing features.

iCloud keeps all your data updated everywhere you go. With the help of iCloud photo library and iCloud Drive. A user can use the find my iPhone features to find his or her device whenever he misplaces it. This works just like Google Drive where you can backup using any device. With iCloud, you can easily get back your data irrespective of what device you are currently using.

Features of iCloud

There are unique features and functionality of this cold storage solution. We are talking about the below-listed features. Starting from the iCloud photo library to the iCloud storage plan. And how you can create an iCloud account using any device.  But first, let talk about the below-listed features.

  • iCloud Photo Library.
  • iCloud Drive.
  • Family Sharing.
  • iCloud Storage Plans.
  •  Notes.
  • Mail, Calendar, Contacts, and Reminders.
  • Find My iPhone, iPad, or Mac.
  • Safari and iCloud Keychain.

iCloud Photo Library

This is cloud storage for all digital media files such as photos and videos that you take with your device. This is to enable you to access them on your, iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, and Mac device on the iCloud.com platform. A user can easily share photos and videos via iCloud photo sharing. Users can also invite family and friends to join the iCloud photo-sharing platform so as to give them the privilege to add their own photos and video.

iCloud Photo Library automatically backup all your recently snapped photos and video on the iCloud.com platform. It also backs up the recently edited photo that you edit using any app. The newly edited photo is also backed up as well. All backup data are been saved on the cloud storage on iCloud.com and it’s easily accessible on any device.

You can get all your data saved for years as long as your iCloud.com account is active. There is no loss or reduction in pixel and size on photos and video stored on iCloud Photo Library. You get to see the full resolution of your files as well as the file format like JPEG, RAW, MP4, PNG, and even large format like 4k, Time Lapse, and lots more.

iCloud Drive

If you are looking for a safe place to backup all your important files and documents iCloud Drive is a safe and secure cloud storage where you can store and access your entire document from your Mac, iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and even on a Windows PC. This is more like local storage but this time, you can take your files and document everywhere you go. Users can store PDFs, presentations, spreadsheets, and any other file type on iCloud Drive.

There is now an iCloud Drive app that is built on the recent iOS which is iOS 9. This app has a well organize and unique navigation features such that users can easily find and share their files with other users. A user can easily back up his or her file using an iCloud-enabled app on his device. You can easily drag files using either a Mac OS or Windows OS into the iCloud Drive folder and get all your files syncs on all your device.

Family Sharing

This is an amazing feature that allows you to share apps or any purchased file you purchase from the App store. With up to about six members of your family. This is not just limited to App Store purchases. You can also share photos, music, book, apps, calendar, and lots more. You can share all digital files with your family using the Family Sharing features.

In other to use the Family Sharing features all you need to do is to create a Family Sharing group. And then invite all members of your family to join the group. This is a way you can share all your media files and app with your family. Apple has really tried to make it easy once one member of your family. Has already purchased an app or media file from the App store he or she can share it with the rest member of the family.

With the Family Sharing features, a user can share an exciting moment, location, and much more with the other family members. You can always keep track of where a particular member of your family is at the moment. You can also use this feature to find your device if lost or stolen.

iCloud Storage Plans

Apple has made it possible for every registered user to get a free 5GB of free storage space. This is a free storage space allocated to every user who has successfully created an account on this portal. There is also an option available to upgrade your storage space whereby you have to pay a fee every month.

You get a free storage space of 5GB when you sign up. 50GB for $0.99/month, 200GB for $2.99/month and 1TB for $9.99/month. You can always upgrade your storage plan using your Mac or iOS device.


There is actually a lot more you can do with Notes. You can take recodes or short notes like wish list memos, web links, or even draw or sketch using your finger. All this data on Notes is been saved automatically to iCloud. This is to enable you to access them with any device at any time.

Mail, Calendar, Contacts, and Reminders

You get all your important information such as Mail, Calendar, Contacts, and Reminders well backup so you can take them everywhere you go and also on every device. You don’t have to worry about changes done to your Mail, Calendar, Contacts, and Reminder. Because the update is done automatically on iCloud any time you make changes.

Find My iPhone, iPad, or Mac

Most times we might be wondering where we kept our phone or maybe you have misplaced your phone or your Apple device.  You can use the Find My iPhone, iPad or Mac features to help you find it back.

Safari and iCloud Keychain

You can now start browsing on your iPhone and continue from where you stop on your Mac PC. Whenever you make use of the Safari web browser on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod you don’t have to worry about your browser history.

iCloud keychain automatically syncs and saves all your browser history to your Mac PC. This feature enables you to continue from where you stop on your iPhone even if you make use of another Apple device. You don’t have to start entering a password and login information that you have entered before.

How to Create an iCloud Account

In other to gain access to these awesome features in this portal. You need to create an account. this gives you access to the free 5GB storage space and also access to start backing up your files automatically. Creating an account is free. You don’t need to pay a monthly fee or any charges in other to set up an iCloud account. you can follow the below tips to create a free account.

  1. First of all Launch your web browser and enter the url as icloud.com or https://www.icloud.com/#mail
  2. First of all in other to create an iCloud account you need to click on Create Yours Now icon. In addition, the icon says. Forget Apple ID or Password.
  3. Enter your accurate information in the feeds such as email address, password, first name, last name, birthday, select and answer the three security question.
  4. Enter the character in the image to prove that you are not a robot and click on the continue icon.
  5. In addition, Check your email and copy the six digit verification pin. Enter the six digit verification pin in the box to create your new Apple ID.
  6. in conclusion here comes a welcome box. You have to read through the iCloud terms and conditions. Click on accept icon to proceed.
  7. Therefore, select your preferred language and click on Start Using iCloud to launch your newly created inbox.

After you have successfully created an account. You don’t need to always create an account you can always use the sign in process to access your account. This is because the account creation process is only done once. You can always sign in to the account you have created at any time.

iCloud Login | How to Login to Your Account

If you have created an account you can use this Login process to access your account. This is an easy process and doesn’t require any fee or charges in other to Login into your account. you can always access your account using any device be it iOS, MAC OS, or Windows OS. All you need is to enter just two pieces of information.  Let’s get started with the Login process.

  1. First of all Launch your web browser and furthermore enter the web address www.icloud.com in the URL feed.
  2. Here come the Login page enter your apple ID which is the email you entered when creating an account.
  3. In addition, enter your password in the password feed you can check the box that says keep me signed in if you are using your personal PC or device. Now click the proceed icon to Login to your account.

Now you can get full access to all your files and data.