Backup Text Messages on Android Phones to Gmail


It is very important that you backup text messages you have on your mobile phone. To prevent you from losing them when ever anything happens to your mobile device. So that you can always get them back to your mobile phone. Lots of users are backing up text massages to their sim cards. Which has limit to numbers of messages you have to back up.

Backing up text messages via cloud is a secure way of saving your messages against any lost or damages of you device. You can easily restore them back to your new device. Almost everyone has a Gmail account, with Gmail you can backup text messages from your android smart phone and get them restored back whenever you need them. so if you don’t have a Gmail account you can sign up its free visit to sign up.

How to Backup Text Messages using Gmail

  1. Login to your gmail account by entering your user name and password. Click on the sign in icon.
  2. At the top right side tabs click on settings and click on forwarding and POP/IMAP tab.
  3. Go to IMAP Access and enable IMAP and save the settings.
  4. After activating IMAP on Gmail go to your android phone and download SMS BACKUP + from Google play store.
  5. After successful installation of SMS BACKUP + run the app and accept the terms and condition.
  6. Select the check box that says tap to connect your gmail account.
  7. Now select your Google account in the next pop up box and click on ALLOW ACCESS this option allows SMS BACKUP + to access your Google account.
  8. Select the backup option from the new window.

You have successfully link your text messages to your Google account. You can check the advance settings of  SMS BACKUP + to configure the app according to how you want it to work. Such as notification settings, time/when to backup and type of items to backup (sms, mms,call log and whatsapp data)

To confirm if your text messages have been synced to your Gmail account. Login to your Gmail account at the top right corner where you have Inbox tab check if you we see the sms tab. You can also access text messages the same way you access your mails.