How to Turn off Auto Play Video Settings on Facebook

Facebook is one of the fastest growing social media on the internet. With millions of users constantly online. one of the major activities of user on facebook is to upload photos,Video and status user can also like a friend’s photo. pictures or status they can also comment on them.

As a result of this activities users tend to view other peoples time line. To see what they have been posting or uploading. Scrolling through a friends time line show everything that the user has been posting. Including photos.

Note that if the user has video uploaded on his or her facebook time line it we plays automatically. As we all know that playing videos online consume more internet data than when you just go through a user’s time line.

You can stop videos from playing by clicking on the stop icon. it is advisable that you turn off this function to save your internet data.


How to Turn off Auto Play Video Settings

  1. Click on facebook setting icon that look like a small triangle facing down at the top right corner.
  2. Click on settings from the drop down tab to view list of all your facebook settings.
  3. Click on videos to access the video settings.
  4. Under Video Settings Go to Auto Play, change it from Default to Off.

Now that you have turn off Auto Play function on facebook. Any time you view a friend time line or anybody time line that has video. It won’t play automatically any more. Until you click on the play icon for it . This we help to minimize data usage from auto play videos.

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