How to Share Screen on Zoom App Netflix

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Watching movies and TV shows has a way of helping us kill boredom and it provides a nice bonding opportunity for friends and family. Thanks to Netflix and other legal streaming websites you can now download your favorite movies on your device. How to share a screen on Zoom App Netflix is one of the easiest things to do when you want to stream movies. So you will get more of that information when you continue reading this article.

How to Share Screen on Zoom App Netflix

How to Share Screen on Zoom App Netflix

There is this kind of excitement you feel when you stream movies with your loved ones from Netflix. With its extensive library, there is always something for everyone. You can stream Hollywood blockbusters, European classics, and anime series. If you have a Netflix account you can share your account with three or four people. So if you have friends that love watching movies on Netflix just share your account with them.

With all these pointed out zoom plays a crucial role when you want to stream movies. Luckily for you, zoom offers you a way out because you can use your favorite video conferencing tool to enjoy all your shows and movies in full HD quality. Giving zoom the permission to display over the apps gives you a convenient watching experience and you will enjoy the feeling of watching movies with your friends.

What is Zoom App?

Zoom has become one of the most commonly used apps used for connecting with people that are far away from you. The app can be used for video conferencing and talking to your buddies but if you want to plan a movie date or movie night with your friends and loved ones then zoom is your best option.

Watch Netflix on Zoom

Most people do not think it is possible to watch Netflix on zoom but I am assuring you that it is totally possible. How to Share Screen on ZOOM App Netflix seems impossible for some people but not when Netflix runs on a restrictive set of subscription packages. And it allows you to share your account with family and friends. However, it can be difficult to binge-watch with your loved ones if you are not in the same location as them. But you can gather some of your friends together in a room for a movie night.

How to watch Netflix together on Zoom on a PC

If you are lucky enough to have to PC then you have solved the issue of How to Share Screen on ZOOM App Netflix. Using a computer is one of the best ways to watch Netflix together n zoom. Follow these steps if you want to know how it is done.

  • First, you have to launch the Netflix app and sign in to your account
  • In case you don’t have the app just visit the Netflix website and sign in from there
  • Leave the Netflix window open and launch the Zoom app
  • After go ahead and invite the people you like to enjoy Netflix with
  • Once everyone is connected just click on Share Screen at the bottom of your Zoom screen
  • Immediately a new window will pop up and show all the active applications on your PC
  • Once that is done select the Netflix app or the browser window that is showing Netflix
  • Check the boxes next to the Share computer sound
  • Optimize screen share for video clip
  • After that Click on share

Now you can select the movie you like to watch and click on Play, now you can enjoy the movie together with your friends. However, note that when you optimize screen share for video clips you can allow all participants to have access to the movie and audio.

How to Watch Netflix Screen together on Zoom on a Mobile Device?

Basically, everyone has an Android or iOS device so have you ever wondered How to Share Screen on ZOOM App Netflix. Technology is advancing at a very high rate and now people can do things on any mobile device of their choice. However, both Netflix and Zoom are compatible with mobile devices like Android and iOS. Now follow these steps and let’s see how it works.

  • Launch your Zoom app on your device
  • Start a meeting and invite everyone you like to watch Netflix with
  • After that tap on Share at the bottom of the meeting screen
  • Immediately a new screen will surface to pave the way for several share options
  • Select Screen, you will be notified that you are about to capture everything displayed on your screen and share it with all the participants.
  • Tap on Start Broadcast after that
  • Zoom will ask for permission to display the apps
  • To consent to the Zooms request simply toggle the button on the screen

Finally, after giving Zoom permission to display over the apps you and your team can now watch the movies together. All you have to do is launch the Netflix app and play the movie of your choice.