How to setup YahooMail Auto Reply Email Response

Are you going on a long vacation? You don’t want to miss out with all your email, why you are still on vacation. You can turn on auto reply. this features we automatically send mail to anyone, who sends you mail. from the time duration, you want on vacation. Yahoomail has made this possible for all it user so that they don’t get worried about email whenever you are on vacation.

Setting up auto reply in Yahoomail is the best solution to respond to any one who sends you mail whenever you are on vacation. This features make use of reply message that is been create by you. This message automatically responds to any email you received within the period of your vacation.

Setting up Auto Reply Email features

To get started with auto reply features in yahoomail. user is required to have a yahoomail account. Note that auto reply we only work with the particular account that it was been activated on.

  1. Login in to your yahoomail account and click on mail at the top right corner if you are not properly log in.
  2. At the top right corner click on the settings icon and click on settings at the drop down tab.
  3. On the settings menu click on Vacation Response at the left side bar under settings.
  4. Mark the Automatic response check box that say Enable during these dates (inclusive)
  5. Select the date in which you want Auto response to start / stop.
  6. Now enter your Auto response message and click save.

You can also send different response to different domains. When you check the box below the Auto response messages. Then you have to enter the first domain and the second domain together with the message. With this in place you don’t have to worrying about sending email whenever you are on vacation.