Do you know how to report something on Facebook? Are you having issues on facebook or are you seeing something that you are not comfortable with on facebook and you are thinking on how to report it to the Facebook community or agency? If you are having that in mind and you do not how you can go about for you to report it, here is what you need “How to Report Something on Facebook.” If you are out there and you have been searching for these for some time now, I bit you that you don’t need to go any more forwarder to search online anymore.

How to Report Something on Facebook - Facebook Reporting Center

How to Report Something on Facebook

There are things that can be reported and they are also things that cannot be reported on Facebook. You can report things that are posted by someone but you cannot report things that are been posted by a facebook community agency. Maybe you log into your facebook account and unknowing to you, you saw something that is not comfortable with and you don’t like to see those kinds of things on your account maybe for some reason or the other. The word something has to do with all kinds of things that you can think of, that is not real or that is fake to you. It is not only reporting something on facebook but you can also report someone too.

You know that there are people that use fake profiles on facebook maybe they use a photo of your friend to scam people. Then you meet with your friend and asked him or her if he is the one that is using the account and the person says that he or she is not the one be-hide it. You can access your account and look for the person that is using that fake profile in other to report him or her to the facebook community agency. Also, posts can be reported and they will be deleted permanently and it will not be visible to people anymore.

Facebook Report Abuse

Facebook report abuse can also be known as reporting a person or a post on facebook. Maybe someone abuses when chatting or saying things about you of which is not, he or she thinks about, you can report it to the community agency. Post, comments are also included, they can be used to abuse someone and they can be reported. Before I will go more forwarder to tell you how you can report on facebook, you need to sign up on facebook if you do not have an account.

How to Create a Facebook Account

To create an account on facebook is easy and fast, you just need to visit their website by going to and follow the steps on the sign-up page to finish your sign up process. And after that, you can start using the Facebook platform.

How to Report Something on Facebook

Like I said reporting something on facebook actually means different kinds of things, it can be comments, posts, abuse or somebody that is fake or a scammer. The process to report anything on facebook is just one step, once you can know the step you can report any other thing that you want to report on facebook. Here are the steps, like now you want to report a comment that you do not like here is how you go about it.

Comments can be reported by clicking the three dots icon at the front of the comment that you want to report and click find support or report comment. Then you need to choose your report state and send it. And you can also carry out these same steps if you want to report any other thing on facebook. The three dots icon is found at the front of any post or comment. But if you want to report someone, you first of all need to enter the person’s profile, close to the message option, you will see the three dots icon there. Tap on it and tap on “report profile attach with find support” and then choose your request and also send. With these steps, you can report anything on facebook.