Do you know how to see Hidden Friends List on Facebook 2020? This is because users have made their accounts private. Many people don’t believe it but there is a trick on Facebook of which when applied, you can see the hidden friend lists of Facebook users. i we be talking on How to Make My FB Account Private. Accessing the friend’s list of Facebook users these days is no longer a simple task as users are no longer naive. People try to stay private and their friend’s list is one way to stay very private on the Facebook platform. So far, Facebook has been a leading social media platform.

How to Make My FB Account Private

Facebook which is also called FB is a social media where other users want their activities private. If you are looking out for How to Make My FB Account Private then you can get a few tips as this is open to all users who have an account. Once you are good with the listed then you can move on the account setup process where you can fully go Private.

How to Make My FB Account Private

Once you are ready to put your account on private mode then hit the login section to login to your account. If that is done then processed to the step below.

  • At the top up right sectoin on facebook click on the settings & Privacy icon.
  • The next step is to click on Settings on the next window.
  • This takes you to another window where you have to clik on Privacy.
  • On this section you can select who see your post by clicking on the icon.

How to See Hidden Friends List on Facebook 2020 is definitely going to be learned in this article. However, you would have to make sure you pay attention otherwise it will be as you have wasted the time.  It is important you know How to See Hidden Friends List on Facebook 2019 because it will keep your account safe. How will it keep your Facebook account safe one might ask. Well, it is very simple, people nowadays try as much as possible to clone a Facebook account and hide their friend list. If you can see the hidden friend list of people, it will easily help you find out who is cloning your account.

Create a Facebook Account

Follow the steps below to create a Facebook account.

  • Go to via any device web browser.
  • Sign out of any account that is already signed in on the device and you should be on the Facebook homepage.
  • Locate and tap on the Sign-Up or create account button.
  • Fill the registration form and you would be asked to enter your mobile phone number.
  • Verify the mobile number by entering the confirmation code sent to it into the box on the screen.

Follow the onscreen instruction afterward if there is any and you should be successfully logged in on your new Facebook account.

How to See Hidden Friends List on Facebook 2020

The step below is How to See Hidden Friends List on Facebook 2019.

  • Go to and login the account you want to use in viewing the user-friend list.
  • Now open any post or image made by the user you want to see the hidden list.
  • Locate in the URL section “fbid=” and copy the number after until you get to the “&” sign.
  • Open in a new tab the URL “ number you copied earlier)/friends. you should remember to remove the bracket while pasting the number.
  • Now hit the search or enter button when you are sure that all is correct and that is it.

You should shortly see the hidden friendly list of Facebook users. Using Google chrome, there are also plugins you can use to do this. One of them is social revealer.