How to Join the Single Sites on Facebook – Meet Singles on Facebook

Have any idea how you can find singles or date singles online? Then I will tell you how to join the Single Sites on Facebook. I believe you have been hearing about Facebook dating as a site? well, if you havent then you should. Facebook is a communication platform where people can meet new friends and also chat with their family and friends online. This was then, now there are lots of things you can do on Facebook apart from communication. You can now advertise your business on Facebook, watch videos online on Facebook. Also, you can now date on Facebook.

How to Join the Single Sites on Facebook

Single sites on Facebook

Are you a single on the Facebook platform and you searching for single sites on Facebook that you can join to meet others? There are so many single groups you can actually join for free. Single sites on Facebook come in form of groups which are set up by others in the platform. You can join single sites or groups on Facebook near you or any location you want for free. I will be showing you how to join Facebook sites or groups to connect with others. To use the Facebook single sites or groups you would need to sign up for an account or login if you already have an account using the mobile app or webpage.

What is Facebook?

Facebook is a social media network where individuals register for an account to connect, meet and share with both new and old friends. You can use Facebook to meet singles and eventually find your love there. You can watch video clips and also upload your own. It has a games forum where you get to challenge and compete with your friends. You can connect with singles via the Facebook singles groups by searching for the one near you that you would like to join. You can get a mobile app for free on the App store of the device that you are using.

Free Dating Site

The Facebook dating site is free for Facebook users to access, in order words it is free to make use of it. The Facebook platform always has this way of treating their customers or users. Now this includes offering things on the Facebook platform for free. A lot of Facebook users think that Facebook dating will cost an annual or monthly fee. Well, hell no it doesn’t cost any fee or neither there is any fee or money attached top it. If you want to make use of Facebook dating, you can make use of it as you want no fee charged. Now I will like to tell you how to meet singles on Facebook.

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How to meet Singles on Facebook

Searching for dating online can be a bit frustrating but with Facebook, it is very easy to meet single sand connect with. All you need is to have an account with Facebook y signing up for one if you do not have or logging in to your account if you already have an account. Follow the simple instructions below to login to your account profile;

  • Access your device and go to or launch the Facebook mobile app if you have it installed on your device.
  • Type in your phone number or email address and the account password.
  • Hit on login.

The account will be loaded if the details are correct. If you have lost your password, you can reset it by tapping on “Forgot password”.

Signing up for a new profile on Facebook

If you do not have an account, you simply create one for free by following the instructions below;

  • Install the mobile app and launch it on the device or open your browser and go to
  • Input your first name, surname.
  • Choose your date of birth from the option on the form.
  • Type in your mobile phone number or email address for the sign-up process.
  • Choose your gender and create a password for the account.
  • Hit on Sign up to register.

The account will be created and be displayed on the device. You would be sent a confirmation mail or text. You can use the link mailed or the code texted to verify the login details of the account.

Finding and meeting singles on Facebook – How to Join the Single Sites on Facebook

There are other ways to meet singles on Facebook which I will be listing below. You can meet singles by;

  • Sign in to Facebook, if you have a friend you’re interested in; check their profiles to know if they are single.
  • Facebook suggest friends for you to add, so look through the suggested friends to see if you like anyone, add them up and start a conversation with them.
  • Make use of Facebook discover people feature to be to locate users near you.
  • You can connect with mutual friends. Keep an eye on a friend’s friend if you like them, add and connect with.
  • Make use of the search box at the top to find the singles group and join to connect with different people on the platform.
  • You can also the events feature to find events near you and meet new people through the discussion section.

With these guides above, you would find a single that will be interested in you and start a connection.

How do I join a Facebook group?

Joining Facebook single sites or groups is very easy, free and fast. There are thousands of single sites you can join on Facebook. To join, follow the instructions below;

  • Login to your News Feed.
  • Use the search bar at the top to type a few keywords for the group you want to join.
  • On the result, scroll through and tap on the group you want.
  • Hit on Join Group. Most groups have questions, make sure to answer the questions and send your request.

You would be notified once your request has been approved in a group. You can start posting and sharing on the group. Post comments on the posts of the users on the group and you would be lucky to meet the one for you.