How to Go Live on Facebook is what Facebook users are now searching for, and needs an answer to. Well, my friends going live on Facebook is very easy and simple. No need for you to search any longer because I am going to show you how to go live on the Facebook platform. I believe you know what going live means on Facebook, but if you don’t I will still explain for you to understand.

How to Go Live On Facebook

How to Go Live On Facebook

Now going live on Facebook simply means doing a live broadcast for everyone to watch while you are doing it, that is what is called “live”. Users are actually watching and at the same time, the event is taking place, so if you are interested in knowing how to do a broadcast video on the Facebook platform. Then you should continue reading this, there is lots of information to be given or shared.

Facebook Live

Facebook Live is a feature that allows you to do a live broadcast on Facebook for Facebook users to watch you while doing it. Now allowing Facebook users to go live is like competing with streaming services, like YouTube, Periscope, and Meerkat. In case you don’t know there are lots of reasons for you to do a broadcast video. You can do a broadcast for advertising your business or tell users about your products. Also, you can do it to inform users about what is happening around the world, serves as a news platform.

Facebook Live Help

Before you do a broadcast on Facebook, you must know the steps I mean things to put in order to make your video be the talk of the town. So I will tell you some of the tips to make your video very unique and amazing. Here are the tips below;

  • Make sure you tell fans when you will be broadcasting ahead of time.
  • Also, write a Catchy and attractive description before going live.
  • Then ask viewers to also subscribe to live notifications.
  • Always say hello to commenters by name, respond to their comments live.
  • Make sure you broadcast for longer period of time to reach more people.
  • Also then use a closing line to signal the end of the broadcast.
  • Lastly, be creative and go live often.

These are the tips to make your video amazing and unique.

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Facebook Account Setup 

Now all you must do to do a broadcast on Facebook is to be a Facebook user. If you don’t have a Facebook account, you cannot make use of this feature. So I am going to tell you how to create a Facebook account;

  • Just access the website of Facebook,
  • Once you have to access the website, click the “create new account” or “sign up” button.
  • Then just begin to enter all your details correctly.
  • When you are done with that, click the “sign up” button again below.
  • Now you will have to confirm your Facebook account with the confirmation digits.
  • After you have typed in the digits click the “confirm” or “continue” button.

Then you will be welcomed to your new Facebook account.

How to Go Live On Facebook Android

If you want to go live using the android device, then follow the directions given below;

  • Access your Facebook account on your android device using the Facebook app.
  • Then tap or press the camera icon to the left of your search bar.
  • Make sure you give Facebook access to your camera and microphone when prompted.
  • Then Switch to “Live” on the bottom of your camera screen.
  • Also then choose your privacy and posting settings.
  • Make sure you write a compelling description.
  • Also make sure to tag friends on Facebook, choose your location, or add an activity.
  • To make it look good to set your camera’s orientation.
  • Also add lenses, filters, or writing and drawing to your video.
  • When everything has been put in order click the blue “Start Live Video” button to start broadcasting.
  • Then interact with viewers and commenters.
  • After that when you want to end the live broadcast just click “Finish” to end the broadcast.
  • Lastly, post your reply and save the video to your camera roll.

This is how to do a broadcast video using an android device.

Facebook Desktop Live

If you want to use a desktop or computer to do a broadcast video, then this is how to do it;

  • Go to your Facebook page first.
  • Then tap on the “write something” box.
  • After that options will display on your screen.
  • Select “live video”, but if you haven’t seen it yet, click “see more”.
  • Now write a description of your video.
  • Also then give Facebook permission to use your computer’s camera and microphone.
  • Then check to make sure your description and video view are final before starting your broadcast.
  • Once you have done that just click or press “go live” to start your broadcast.
  • After you have clicked or pressed “go live” the broadcast will appear in the news feed and on your page timeline, where you can edit it.

This is how to do broadcast using desktop or computer.