How to Get Apple TV Plus on Your Xiaomi Smart TV

What is Xiaomi smart TV? A lot of you might have a Smart Tv in your home but not Xiaomi smart TV. Just in case you don’t know Xiaomi is one of the biggest television brands and it is mostly used by smart TV. So if you ever think of purchasing a smart TV ensure you get Xiaomi smart TV. How to Get Apple TV Plus on Your Xiaomi Smart TV is quite difficult for most people but in this article, we will help you find a solution.

How to Get Apple TV Plus on Your Xiaomi Smart TV

What is Apple TV plus? Apple TV plus is a streaming service made by Apple, it is the cheapest mainstreaming service we have and it comes with a price tag of $4.99 a month. However, this amount cannot be compared to that of Netflix, Amazon prime HBO Max, and Disney Plus subscriptions.

Now one of the best ways to enjoy streaming your Apple TV plus application is by doing so on your Xiaomi smart television. Xiaomi smart TVs come with 4k hdr doubly vision and more features to give you the best experience. But most Xiaomi smart TVs run on the Android TV OS. It is never too late to get a Xiaomi smart TV in your home. So that you can stream as many as you want with your loved ones.

How to get Apple Plus TV on Your Smart TV

How to Get Apple TV Plus on Your Xiaomi Smart TV isn’t difficult at all, you just have to download Apple TV application from Google play store and make it available on your TV. Once you have done that you can start streaming all the amazing movies and TV shows that it has. This is actually one of the benefits of having a smart TV like Xiaomi in your home because you can stream as many movies as you want.

Can I Watch Apple TV on Xiaomi?

Of course you can watch Apple TV on Xiaomi, all thanks to Apple TV+ for making this possible. If you have a smart TV like Xiaomi you can install Apple TV on it so that you can stream whatever movies or TV show that you like. Xiaomi smart TV is a must-have for every home because you can stream movies as one big happy family. Now if you don’t know How to Get Apple TV Plus on Your Xiaomi Smart TV all you have to do is continue reading this article and you will be guided on how to do that.

Apple TV Application Install

Before you can download the Apple TV app on your device you must ensure your device is compatible. Now the first step to knowing How to Get Apple TV plus on Your Xiaomi Smart TV is by first downloading the Apple TV app to your device. Now follow these steps to install it.

  • First, you need to go to your device app store and search for the Apple TV+ app
  • Once you see it Download the app
  • Open the app and follow the instructions for a complete setup
  • If you are not signed in with your Apple ID just open the app and go to settings.

Now, if you are finding it difficult to watch the content you might need to get your Apple ID ready. When the Apple Tv app and subscription was first introduced people who had iPhones, PC, Mac and iPad could easily experience the new shows that were showcased on it.

How to install Apple TV on my Xiaomi Android TV?

Downloading the Apple TV plus application isn’t as difficult has you think. The latest Xiaomi smart TV makes use of the android opening systems so if you are downloading the app follow these steps.

  • Turn in your TV
  • Connect it straight to the internet
  • After that, navigate to the home-page
  • Tap on apps
  • Select the Google play store from the list of apps in the tap
  • Tap on the search bar
  • Click the search button
  • Select the Apple TV plus app from the list
  • Then click install

Once you click install just launch the application and sign in to your account and finally you can start streaming. I hope this article was helpful and useful.