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How to Change Gmail Password – Gmail Password Recovery

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Using Gmail is awesome; you get to gain access to all the amazing features they have installed for you. Making use of the platform has really helped a lot of people since it grants access to all the activities you could possibly carry out using an email. Plus with a Gmail account, you can access all Google service that requires an email to run. Many users has been asking how do i change Gmail password Well, what if you forgot your Gmail password or you feel someone knows your password. If you are considering how to change your Gmail password then follow the steps stated below.

How to Change Gmail Password - Gmail Password Recovery

Facts to Consider When You Forget Your Password

Well before moving on to how to change your Gmail password, if you forgot your password there may be certain reasons to that. First, you may be entering your password in the wrong case, so check to make sure you remember the case you used. If you got the case mixed up then your password would be wrong. The best thing to do when creating your Gmail password is to either save it to your computer or write down somewhere it could be accessible by you. Well, it is best you do the two so that you can easily get your password anytime you forgot it.

How to Change Gmail Password

Changing your password simply means recovering your password when it comes to Gmail account. There are so many reasons for changing your Gmail password, but mostly it is because of security. Well, if you decide to change your password for any reason, then follow the steps laid down below for you:

  • First open your Gmail login page www.gmail.com which is the URL.
  • Then click sign in at the top of the page.
  • On the new page, enter your Gmail address.
  • Click next.
  • Then below the password box, click “more option to login.
  • Scroll below and click forgot password.
  • You would be presented with several ways to recover your password.

Follow the step suitable for you and you would reset your password in no time. That is it how to change your Gmail password. You can apply that anytime you want to and it will always work.

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