How to Answer Facebook Q&A – Facebook Questions and Answers

Do you know how to answer facebook Q&A? What do you understand about the term? I know this may be the first time that you are hearing about this. And deep down inside your mind, you have a question about it or what is Q&A doing in this article. The meaning of Q&A in this article is “Question and Answer” that is what the word Q&A means. Now, let’s look into facebook Q&A, how come there is Question and Answer on facebook. That should not bother you at all, because Facebook has features for asking and answering questions. Questions can be asked by a friend on facebook and you are the one that was asked that question, you can easily answer the question that is what Facebook Q&A is talking about in this article.

Why Is Facebook Q&A Important?

Many people or users do not know about these not talking of the importance. But some users have been using these since they register an account on facebook but do not know what it is called. Facebook Q&A helps you and me to know what we don’t know before. And where you can you ask a question on Facebook is through the facebook help center. And another example for facebook Q&A is when you are signing up for an account, you know you were asked to provide some information’s that is known as Facebook Q&A.

Is It Processible to Ask Questions on Facebook?

Yes, it is processible to ask questions on Facebook, like I said, the facebook help center. You can access the facebook help center by clicking on the drop down or the menu icon on your facebook account home page and click settings. Then scroll down and tap help, there you will be taken to a new page which is facebook help center page. There you can ask questions by typing the question on the search bar above the screen, and they will provide you with the answer to that question.

Facebook Account Setup

One of the important about Facebook is to sign up for an account. You cannot access the platform if you do not have an account on Facebook. Here I will tell you how you can create an account ion facebook.

  • Open your web browser and go to or open your facebook app.
  • Enter your first and last name on the sign-up page.
  • Your email address and your password.
  • Access your date of birth and gender. Then click the sign up after everything.

These are the steps to sign up an account with Facebook and it is free.