Hotmail Log in: Hotmail is one of the most popular free email services provided by Microsoft that give users the opportunity to send a free email to other users. This is a webmail service that makes use of internet access via a web page.  Users can access this service from a web browser or mobile app anywhere in the world. This email service provider has over 100million users that are registered to this free email platform and has become one of the most popular webmail platforms that is been used by Americans.

Hotmail Log in - Login to | Hotmail Sign in Creation

There are also more to what users can benefit from this service because it’s not just limited to just sending and receiving of email. Each user that signs up for a Hotmail account will get 5GB worth of storage space and 25GB of storage space on windows live SkyDrive. This is one of the world’s most recognized email services. It is also offers something unique from most email service provider such as independence from ISPs like America online AOL.

Hotmail was launched in 1996 and was the first free web based email service and was founded by sabeer Bhatia and jack smith. It was originally spelled HOTMAIL putting emphasis on the “HTML” in the name.  Microsoft has renamed it from Hotmail to outlook and as the URL. You can also access this platform using as the URL and you we be redirected automatically to which is also the default login and sign up page.

Features of Hotmail

There are lots of unique features that made this email providing platform stand out from all other email service provider.  Below are some few listed features that are very important that users need to know about.

  • Storage space.
  • Security.
  • View, Edit and share office Docs without downloading it on your computer.
  • Send and view images.
  • Virus scanning.
  • 35 languages available.
  • Advertisements.
  • Folders: users can create a folder in other to manage his or her messages. Users can also create subfolders as well.
  • Email composition.
  • Spell checker.

One thing users should have in mind is that in other to make use of this service he or she needs to create an account. This is the very first thing that a user needs to carry out in other to have access to the above listed features. Creating an account we give you access to make use of the Hotmail sign in process any time you want to access the email.

How to Create an Hotmail Account | Hotmail Login

Hotmail sign up can only be done once. This is not a process that you need to repeat over and over again. Unlike Hotmail sign in where you need to always enter your sign in ID and password any time you want to access your account.  The user has to go through a series of step that requires personal information in other to complete the Hotmail sign up process. A user has to create a new account if he or she is just visiting for the first time.

Users can create an account as many as they want as long as they don’t forget their password and User ID. Many users use multiple email addresses for various things such as signing up to avoid spam, family, friend, work, and school. But keep in mind that user can’t make use of one particular users ID for all his multiple accounts.

  • Go to web portal by inputting the URL in the address bar as www.homail .com or this is where the users will be given the options to sign in or to sign up with Hotmail. But if the user already has an account he or she should enter his Email or mobile number and password and click Hotmail sign in icon. But If the user doesn’t have an account he or she should click on sign up button which is label as create one just below the sign in icon.
  • Fill all necessary information that is required in each feed. This is where the user will decide what their email address will be. The user can also enter his or her personal and security information such as Password, Country, Country code, Phone number and lots more.
  • Prove that you are human by completing the caption process to prove you are human and not a robot. You we be asked to enter the characters you see in the box. You need to enter it correctly.
  • Agree to the terms of service and privacy policy at the button of the page there are two blue links to Hotmail’s terms of service and privacy policy. Users need to read the term and policy of the service before he mark the agreement box and click on the create icon.

But one of the main reasons why Hotmail email account is considered the best is because it’s free. Users don’t have to pay any fee to make us of this service. You can start sending email messages for free when you sign up for this service. These are steps given below on how to create an account which is the Hotmail sign up process.

Hotmail Log in | How to Access Your Account

Hotmail log in is a step by step process a user needs to access his or her existing account. If you already have an account or you have completed the Hotmail sign up process. You can always use the Hotmail log in process to access your account. Hotmail log in is for users who already created an account.

Hotmail login is straightforward, easy and free. Unless the user is facing some kind of login issues all you need is your Hotmail log in informations. Such as your username and password. But if the user doesn’t have one he or she can create one. With these steps, users can log in to their account for free.

  • Open a web browser to access the web page.
  • Within the address bar of the browser type in the official url or and hit the enter button
  • Enter your Hotmail email or phone number you entered when creating the account in the first box.
  • Enter your password in the second box below the box where you entered your email address or mobile number.
  • You can now click on Hotmail log in icon just below the keep me sign in box.

With the above steps, user can access his already existing account using any platform. Be it a mobile app or a web browser.  This is an easy process that is free and open to all users who have their correct log in information.  You can start sending and receiving email messages from other users when you log in to your account.