With Google hangout, keeping in touch with people, family loved ones, and friends are made much easier. As you get to chat, do video calls, and make phone calls either with the use of your desktop or mobile device. Hangout is one of the services Google offers. Aside from other services like Gmail, Chrome, Play Store, YouTube, Google Chat, Google meet, Google Duo, and many more. Hangout can however not be accessed except you first process the login. Hangout login is a process that ought to be taken to have access to your account.

Furthermore, Google hangouts could be through the mobile app or the website. Because there is no app for a desktop device, you can however add Hangout to your chrome. After then, trying to access Google Hangout to process your login would be very easy for you. By the way, before trying to process Hangout login, you must first ensure you already have an account. The Hangout sign-up is very important to be able to process the Google Hangouts sign-in. This is because your Hangout login credentials are from some of the information you must have provided during sign-up.

In addition, you might want to process a Google Hangouts login using the mobile app. The hangout app is however free for use. But first, you have to install the app on your device. After then, you can process your Hangout login. The app is however free for download on your Android or iOS device. But there is no app available for your desktop device. Therefore, as mentioned earlier to log in to Hangout on your desktop, if you do not want to use the website, you can add it to your chrome for easy locating and accessing later. See below for steps on how to log in to your Hangout.

Steps on how to process Hangout login

However, users can access the Hangout login on any device you want to process it on. But you should ensure you have your correct login credentials which are majorly your Google account. Without your Google account, you cannot log in to hang out. Although, there are no special sign-up steps for Hangout. As once you have your Google account, you can use it to process Hangout login. Here are the login steps below;

Hangout sign in Android app

  • Open the Hangout app after installing
  • Select your Google account
  • You would be signed in automatically
  • After that, you can now find your friends
  • Then start up a chat, make phone and video calls

Hangout Login via website

  • On your computer, locate the hangout website
  • Or using Gmail, open your Hangout
  • Select your Google account or enter its information to log you in
  • Then click on the Hangout login button

Hangout Login via iPhone/iPad app

  • Open your device app
  • Click on the Get started button
  • Select your Google account or sign in to new one
  • Verify your phone number
  • Add other Hangout users
  • You also have a choice if you do not want to verify your mobile number, you can click on the skip button to move to the next step.

Using the Mobile app, you can also process Google Hangouts sign in multiple accounts. How is this done? Tap on the menu located at the left-hand side of the page after opening your hangout app. Then click on settings, after that click on the Add account button. Then enter your Google information and click on sign in, then you can switch accounts anytime you want to use the other account.

Hangout sign out

Hangout sign-out is one of the most important ways to secure your Hangout account most especially when using a public device. However, signing out of Hangout will not automatically sign you out of all devices your Hangout account is active on. It would only sign you out on the device you have signed yourself out on. Then other users which you must have added will now see your status as offline. Here are steps by which you should follow to sign out your Hangout below;

Sign out using a desktop device

  • Visit Hangout website using your desktop device web browser
  • Tap on your profile
  • Scroll down and click on the sign out button

Sign out using the Android app

  • Open the Android app
  • Tap on the menu button which is the 3 vertically arranged lines
  • Click on settings
  • Select your Google account
  • Scroll down and click on the sign out button

Sign out using iOS

  • Open the Hangout app on your device
  • Tap on the Menu button
  • Right beside your account, tap on the arrow facing down
  • Click on Manage accounts
  • Select account you want to sign out of.

In conclusion, after processing the Google Hangouts login, it is very necessary to sign out and remove your Hangout account. This is to protect your account from privacy intruding, unauthorized logins, and hacks.