Hangout Chat – How to Access Hangout On Chrome | Hangout App Download

At times, you might not have the chance to make visits to anyone. But with messages or chats, you can keep in touch with that person. As we all know, different platforms give the privilege of this. But not all platforms enable you to do the same thing as all of them are not created equally and with the same motive. Hangout is however one of Google’s services but under the chat category. Hangout Chat is a chat platform. Not only designed for chatting and sending messages but enables you to make phone and video calls.

Furthermore, Hangout brings the conversation to life by sending and exchanging photos, videos, and emojis, and making group video calls with no charges applied.  Hangout chat is however a free service. Which can only be used with the availability of a Google account. However, Hangouts google comes on two different platforms. They are the mobile app and the website. The Hangout chat website is available for all devices while the Hangout Google app is available for only mobile devices. But note that, although Hangout doesn’t support invisible status, unlike Google chat. It has so many unique features to offer.

Features of Hangout chat

The Hangout chat has so many unique features. Also, it grants you free access to all of them if only you have signed up for Gmail and signed in to Hangout. One of these Hangout features is that it is the longest-running messaging and real-time service. While other features of Hangout chat include;

  • Create a Group chat with your contact for up to 150 participants
  • Snooze notifications for later chat replies
  • Send photos, videos and emojis, GIFs maps, and many more
  • Send messages every time even when the person you want to message is offline
  • Dial any mobile number in the world for free
  • Connect your Google Voice account for mobile calling and sending SMS
  • Do group video calls with up to 10 participants/ contacts.

Above all, you can also keep in touch with your contacts across your mobile device. The website also sync chats across all your devices. For mobile device users, see below how to install the google hangouts chat app on your device. Also, how to add Hangout chat to your chrome as a desktop device user.

 Google Hangouts chat app

Hangout app is a shortcut to get access to Hangout to message, call and exchange files with other users you must have added. But the app does not work on some devices. The google hangouts chat app is however only available for mobile devices. Therefore, desktop users who want to access Hangout should visit the website, and process the sign-in. Then get access to Hangout for free. Here are steps on how to install the app on your mobile device below;

Hang out an app for Android

  • Open your Google play store app
  • Locate the Hangout chat app using your Google play store’s search engine
  • Click on the app
  • Tap on the Install button

Google Hangout app for iOS

  • Open your device app store
  • Locate the app using the App store search engine
  • Tap on the app from the search results
  • Then click on the Get button
  • Confirm with your fingerprint
  • The download would begin automatically.

Add Hangout to chrome

  • Go to your Chrome web browser
  • Locate and click on the apps menu button at the top page of the browsing home page
  • Tap on the web store
  • Locate the Google Hangout app
  • Click on the add to chrome button

There is no Google hangout app for desktops, but you can make it easy for you to access Hangout chat on your desktop. All you need to do is to add it to your chrome browser. After processing the download, then you can now process the Hangout chat login via the app. The app makes it easier to chat on Hangout without the need to visit the website online. But before you can log in to hang out, you have to own an account first.

Hangout chat login

The Hangout chat login is a process that lets you get access to your account. Unlike some other chat platforms, it is necessary to have a Google account before you can access Hangout chat. However, your google account is also your Gmail account. If you do not have one, creating one right away is a very good idea. After signing up for a Gmail account, follow these steps below to sign in to Hangouts google;


  • Open the app on your mobile device
  • Tap on the “Get started” button
  • Enter your email address
  • Click on the next button
  • Enter your password and tap on next
  • You would be redirected to your account
  • Tap on the message icon on the homepage or select a contact to start a chat.

Hangout Chat Website

  • Visit the Hangout website
  • Enter your Gmail address
  • Click on the next button
  • Enter your password
  • Click next
  • You would be redirected to your Hangout chat account
  • Click on the message icon to select a contact and start a chat

After you have signed in to your account, it is however necessary to sign out. Especially when using a public device. Also, note that signing out of a particular device does not automatically sign you out of all devices of your account. But only that particular device on which you have signed out. However, to sign out, all you just need to do is click on your profile. Then locate the sign-out button there if using a desktop device. But for mobile devices, locate the sign-out button after clicking your profile. Then the manage account link, select the account you want to remove.

In conclusion, note that only calls made to other hangout users are free. But any outside calls might require charges. Therefore, for you to make calls for free on Hangout, invite nonusers on your contact list to join you on Hangout.

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