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Where can I advertise or order different goods and services? With no doubt, there are different platforms for advertising and making purchases of goods. These platforms include Jumia, eBay, Bing, Admob, Adcolony,, and many more. But here in this article, you would be enlightened on one of them whereby you can advertise your products with the use of ads for free of charge. This website is known as However, is a free and open website whereby goods and services are being advertised and ordered for.

Furthermore, unlike so many other advertising platforms gives the privilege for marketers to advertise their services and goods for free on the platform. But at the same time offers a paid advertisement for people who want to promote their ads on the platform. Basically, the website will me be more helpful for people living in Singapore and within its territories. But you can still visit the website to advertise your goods and services. The website wasn’t just created but different unique categories were added.

Categories on

Aside from just shopping alone, there are other things you can do on All of them are in different categories. Therefore, you as a visitor of the reputable website can now choose what you want to do or what you want from Here are the categories of what you can get on below;

Kinds of Stuff for sale on

Under the kinds of stuff for sale category, there are different groupings of goods you can purchase. They include; Home furnishing, clothes, and accessories, electronics, mobile phones, baby and children’s kinds of stuff, health and beauty, antiques and collectibles, toys and games, sports and fitness, books and magazines, music and movies, tickets, and miscellaneous goods. You can then click on the type of goods you are interested in purchasing to make your choice and place your order.


If you need an apartment urgently, there’s a chance for you on How? doesn’t only have petty things for sale but also has houses and properties for rent and sale. These properties are also in different groupings. Therefore, you can click on any of them to check and make your choice. They include; room for rent, property for rent, properties for sale, commercial property, car park and storage, and also other properties. Click on any one of your choices to see what is up for sale then you can contact the seller of the property you want to buy.


As a job and employment seeker, you do not need to go far in search of a job as there are also jobs available on You can visit the website then click on the type of job you want and then contact the employer to know more than submit your files for the application. Under these categories, the types of jobs available include; Permanent/Full-time jobs and Ad-hoc/Part-time jobs. Also, you can post your resume as a job seeker to get notified of jobs available.

Cars and Vehicles

Change your cars and vehicles with the ones available for sale on offers you different vehicles for sale. Aside from whole vehicles, there are also car parts for sale. You can choose which type of car you want from any of these groupings. They are cars, Vans, and campervans, Motorbikes and scooters, trucks, and car parts. If after checking from any of these categories and you do seem to find what you want, you can click on the other cars’ links to check.


If you need to share your thought or ideas on certain topics or you need to know more about a particular thing, the community category is for you. However, select any of this from the community category on to know what you want to know about that particular thing or topic. They are; Activities and hobbies, classes and courses, events, garage sales, language swap, lost and found, missed connections, musicians and artists, pets, rideshare, sports partners, travel partners, and other community.

Business service

Under business services, there are services you can request for or render to users. They include; Building and trades, computer, telecom and freelance, health and beauty/well-being. You can also explore to know more using the other business services link if you can’t find what you want from the business services.

Above all, there are still other categories on website which include; swap or trade and freebies. Therefore, feel free to select which category you want to make purchases from and contact the seller. However, as a marketer or business dealer, see below how to use to advertise your goods and services.

How to Advertise Your Products on

To make sales on, you have to advertise your goods by posting an ad. You will need to access the Sign-up process the sign-up before you post a free ad for advertisement on the website. However, if you want to use the website to advertise your goods, here are the steps.

  • Visit the website @
  • Tap on the post a free ad button
  • Select a category for the goods or services you want to advertise
  • Select the type of goods or service it is
  • Select your location
  • Enter the required details for the ad you want to post
  • Click on the post button to post the ad
  • Then confirm and activate your post through your email.

If you want to promote your post on website, you will need to pay as the is not free of charge. Payment on depends on the number of days you want to advertise it for. There are also different ways Gumtree promotes ads. They are; Highlight which makes your ad gain visibility. Also, it will stand out from the crowd, Top ad which shows your ad on rotation at the top category pages. Also, the homepage galley whereby your ad would be seen on the homepage for people to see. Therefore, to promote your ads and get lots of people to see your products and patronize you, you should choose one of the promotion plan and make your payments.