We all love communication as it is a part of socializing and sharing our thought and ideas with others. One of the ways by which we can communicate is through calls. One of these types of calls is real-time which is also known as video chat. However, there are different platforms that allow you to video chat with family, friends, colleagues, and loved ones. But some of these platforms only allow a few people to participate at once.  But google video chat platforms doesn’t. As it gives room for group video calls of a large number of participants. Although, there are two different platforms by which you can use the Google video chat. They are Google meet and Google duo.

Google Video Chat - Free High-Quality Video Calling App

These two Google video call platforms are different. The Google duo video call allows at most 32 friends at a time during video calls. While the Google Meet video call allows up to 100 participants. This implies that large companies with hundred participants can use the Google meet video call to do meetings for up to an hour for free. These Google video chat platforms were of great help during the pandemic whereby gathering and making visits was limited. These two Google video chat platforms are totally free for use and do not require any form of payment.

Google Video Chat Apps

As mentioned earlier, there are two different Google video call platforms which are Google duo and google meet. Both platforms are however not only accessible via the website but also, have an app for mobile device users. These apps before they can be accessed and used for video calls must first be installed. Here are steps that you should follow to install the duo video call app and also the Google meet app.

Google Duo Video Call App

  • Open your apple store or google play store.
  • Locate the Google duo video call app using the store’s search engine.
  • Click on the app from the results provided from the search.
  • Tap on the “install” or “get” button.

Google Meet Video Call App

  • Open your mobile device app store.
  • Locate and click on the google meet app.
  • Tap on the install or get button.

After installation is complete, open the app and start accessing it for free. If you are a desktop user, the Google video chat website is free and open for you anytime you want to make official and normal group video calls. The website is also available for mobile device users who prefer to use the website to the Google video chat apps. But note that Google duo and Google meet to operate on two different websites.

How to Start Google Video Chat

To do this first depends on which platform you want to use and the kind of video call you to want to do. If it’s just a normal meeting for friends, you can use the Google duo video call. While if it’s a company or an official meeting, you should use the Google meet video call either through the website or the app. First, as the video call host or starter, you have to first sign up for either platform you want to use. Here are steps to start a call on Google video chat below;

Google Duo (website)

  • visit the website.
  • Click on the try duo for web button.
  • Enter your mobile number.
  • Confirm your number with the code sent to you.
  • Click on the start a call button if you want to do video call with just an individual.
  • Or click on the create group link button to start the video chat with 2 or more persons.
  • For start a call, enter the mobile number or email address of your participant to send them an invite.
  • For group video chat, click on the add people button and add up to 31 participants.
  • They would accept the invitation by clicking on the link.
  • Then you should tap on the video call button to begin the video call.

Google Duo (App)

  • Open the app on your device.
  • Click on the new call button.
  • Select a contact or create a group of up to 31 participants.
  • Share link to participant(s).
  • Click on the start button to begin video call.

Google Meet (Website)

  • Visit the Google meet website.
  • Click on the new meeting button.
  • Choose either to (create a meeting for later, start an instant meeting or schedule in Google calendar).
  • After selecting, google meet would provide a link for you to share to participants or you can add your own participants or members to join the meeting.

Google Meet (App)

  • Open the app.
  • Click on new meeting.
  • Choose either to (create a meeting for later, start an instant meeting or schedule in Google calendar).
  • Share link to other participants.

After sending an invite to your friends or business partners depending on which platform you are using. Wait for the participant(s) to accept your invitation. After that, your call can begin. As a receiver or if you want to join a meeting read below as steps on how to go about that would be stated for you.

How to Receive or Join Google Video Chat

As a receiver of a video call made on any google video call platform, you do not have to sign up to receive calls or join meetings. All you just have to do is either click on the link sent to you or copy the link and paste it to join a meeting or video call on Google duo and google meet respectively. Here are the steps below;

Google Duo

  • Click on invite link.
  • Accept call.

Google Meet

  • Copy link sent by your meeting host.
  • Click on the join meeting button.
  • Enter link into space provided for it.
  • Click on join.

With these steps, you can now be part of a meeting or a video call. In addition, you can also use Google hangout for video calls if you do not want to use either Google duo or google meet.